Thursday, April 4, 2024

Getting Primed For The Bluegill Spawn

 When it comes to fishing, the thrill of landing quality bluegill on a lightweight fly rod is unmatched. The fly rod I'm talking about is either the 2 wt. or 3 wt. If you're looking for the ultimate enjoyment of landing bluegill, these are the rods to use. I personally find the 7 1/2 ft. length perfect for small bodies of water, and an 8 1/2 ft. to 9 ft. length ideal for lakes. When I'm fishing at my home waters of Smith Lake, I rely on my 9 ft. 3 wt. for the best experience. 

During the Easter weekend, I used Jason's lightweight 7 1/2 ft. Redington 2 wt. fly rod. The small 15-area lake, nestled at his house in Greystone Farms Hoover, offers a tranquil fishing experience. You can reach the water's edge in less than a minute from his back porch, making it a convenient spot for anyone who enjoys fishing, whether with traditional gear or a fly rod. 

The lake has four walk-way bridges across four of its nooks, and the bluegill spawns on the upper or lower side of the bridges during the prime spawn season. I've only seen a few individuals fly fish in the lake, so the fishing pressure is very limited. Cathey and I like to walk the mile-long walking trail when we are here. The Game and Fish Department manages the lake, which does a great job of checking water quality and fertilizing.  

My fly fishing season will begin on Smith Lake in a couple of weeks, so today's trip was a warm-up to start landing the super-sized bulls on the rock walls on Smith: I can't wait!!!

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