Sunday, April 21, 2024

Catfish on the Flyrod


This past Friday was another epic day fishing for bluegill using my 7 1/2 ft. 3 wt. Flyrod fishing Walker County Lake. While fishing for the big bull bluegills, I landed the largest catfish ever on the flyrod. The fish hit a size 8 orange popper fishing near weed pads on the lake's levee. I knew it was big as soon as the fish made its first run. Little did I know it was a little over 8 lbs 26 inches. This catfish didn't top my carp last year, but it came close. Who knows, I may land one of their elusive Walleye next year. I never fish this lake with anything above a 2 and 3 wt. Flyrod. Let's say I like the challenge. 
Looking closely, you can see the popper hooked into the catfish's whisker. It's a miracle I landed it, considering the 15-minute fight he put up. I gave the catfish to the gentleman in the background fishing near the lake's edge. He was as excited as I was landing the fish. 


  1. Wow! It's a little early in the season to be knocking socks off Bill.

    1. Battling a catfish this size is a great way to get excited for the upcoming season of fishing for spotted bass and trout on the tailrace. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ha! When I was a little kid I found a heavy old glass flyrod in my uncle's boathouse on the Mississippi River. I didn't know anything about how to use it, but I knew how to bait a hook and drop it off the end of the dock. When the catfish hit I couldn't figure out how to reel in the line with the old Martin Automatic reel, so I wrapped the line around my hand and pulled. Before the adults could get there to help, I ended up in the water!
    But the fish was landed -- catfish on a flyrod, thanks for the memory.

  3. Al
    I can remember landing catfish as a young boy fishing a stream near our house, but it wasn't anything like what you experienced. Do you remember how old you were? It's funny how some memories relate to years past with a picture, movie, fishing trip, and countless other things that jog our memory. As I get older, I relate more to my youth. Thanks for commenting
    P.S. Looking forward to a report on those smallmouth bass up your way nailing a popper!