Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Some Attention for the Bluegill

 My Bluegill quest officially kicked off two weeks ago on Walker County Lake. I was trying to fish the lake before it was fertilized, and I made the deadline by one day. I know that fertilization has its function of making a lake more suitable for landing quality fish. Still, once the water is fertilized, it takes weeks to regain its productive fishing. So, I will not make any more trips to the lake for at least a month. During June is when the second spawn takes place. I will be watching and waiting. 

I landed a dozen quality-size bulls like these that were placed in the cooler to dress later that afternoon. I enjoy everything about fishing, but I do not like dressing the catch! I was using my Boogle Bug poppers to get their attention. I have just about used all these poppers I ordered last year. I will use a different popper once these are gone for this year. The hackle on the Boggle Bug doesn't stay together like it used to. Most of the time, the popper is only suitable for a few fish before the hackle unravels. I expect more from an eight-dollar popper. Today's fish were taken using my 2/3 weight, 7 1/2 ft Redington fly rods. They are the perfect fly rods for a small lake; you should try them!


  1. Bill
    Carefully spread the hackle and apply a tiny drop of clear nail polish or super glue to the hackle stem.

  2. Fisher
    I've got a few poppers left and will give the glue a try. Thanks for the info and comment

  3. Do you remember the topwater fly Miss Prissy? The Boogle Bug has somewhat taken its place, but not quite. I miss the Miss Prissy; it was a Sunfish Catching monster of a fly.

  4. Hi Bill!! I am still here. Glad you are doing a little bit of fishing. I can't wait for the snow melt on the higher mountain range. Should be in June sometime! Then, I can get out my 3 wt and hit some creeks and small lakes. Hope you are in good health.

  5. Hi Flyfshrgrl
    It's been a while since we last chatted on our blogs. I remember you mentioning the Miss Prissy popper I used years ago to catch bluegill and bass. I used to order it from Breambugs. They still have it, but now it's called the Little Fatty, with the same amount of hackle. I was always impressed by how it floated high on the water's surface. Your mention of it brought back some great memories. I think I'll order the fatty and give it another go.
    I have placed your blog in my short favorites of blogs I follow now, which is very limited due to the lack of bloggers now. Thanks for the contact and comment

    1. Bill, that is some of the best news!! I had no idea that it’s now the Little Fatty. Thanks for the info. and the lead on where to purchase them. They’ll definitely be getting an order from us!
      Thanks, Bill

    2. I'm looking forward to a report on its performance on your next outing!!

  6. Hi Emily
    I am looking forward to your report on the trout fishing there when the weather permits you to make a trip.
    I am still fishing as much as ever when I can find someone to fish with here. I can count on one hand the number of fly fishermen in the area where we live. Cathey told me the other day that if I can't find someone to go with, she will make a few trips with me. She doesn't fly fish but can use my microlight spinning rod to land bluegill using crickets.
    I fish Walker Lake alone, but don't fish Smith alone. The lake has over 500 miles of shoreline. Thanks for the comment, and take care