Friday, October 27, 2017

Moving Back Home

My wife and I have been discussing for sometime to move back to Jasper. Why, you ask, well we are lonesome for our friends and the small town atmosphere that we had in Jasper Alabama.

For me I’ve missed fishing with my buddies that I fished with for over 25 years. I’ve also missed my beloved Smith Lake and the Sipsey Tailrace. I didn’t realize until after we left Jasper that I gave up a fantastic fishing area. I could be on Smith Lake in 20 minutes and on the Sipsey fishing for trout in 25 minutes. The fishing in and around Spring Hill is limited to a few small lakes that are fished heavy and fertilized to the limit. The Caney was a great place to trout fish but driving an hour and half to get there was a bit too long for me. In fact I could actually see myself as I got older fishing less here because of the distance I had to travel to connect with bluegill, bass, or trout.

Cathey and I hope our house moves fast and we can be back in Jasper by the first of the year. We differently need to be back before the spring fishing season begins on Smith, Walker County Lake and the Sipsey.
I will start my BLUEGILL QUEST again in the spring of 2018.  Smith and Walker County Lake will provide the challenge to take some super size gills from their waters.  I never landed anything here worthy of the QUEST-------it’s a good thing my back in getting back to normal.