Saturday, March 16, 2024

Spring Break with Grandchildren

 Cathey and I enjoy the Grandchildren each year during Spring Break, and this year was special because we got to share it with our little "Hallie." She will be two on August 25th. The kids love fishing and always want to go to Walston Bridge pond, close to where we used to live, so that is where we spent one afternoon.  

The pond temp was 58 degrees--no bites on artificial lures, so the kids enjoyed landing bluegill using redworms

Searching for the perfect polished rock in Pop's rock fountain
Nothing like spending time with Grandchildren!!!


  1. Cute grands! Isn't grandparenting the best? I look forward to every visit. Looks like they enjoyed the outing. Can't wait till mine get out there!

  2. Hi Emily
    I agree. Grandchildren keep you feeling young, although we get older as each year passes. I hope you are well and getting ready for the upcoming fishing season. Thanks for the comment