Friday, March 24, 2023

Landing Dale Hollow Trout

 Anyone who fishes for trout on the Sipsey Tailrace can recognize the Dale Hollow Trout. Most are in the 10" size, which was the size I landed this morning on the Sipsey. Mine you; I'm not complaining, trout is trout. I was using my three-wt. fly rod, which is the perfect fly rod to land this size trout.   

I knew precisely the hole I would fish, the nymph, and the technique I would use before I left the house. I have been watching videos all winter on fishing pressured waters and how to fish such waters. To say I was prepared was an understatement. 

I like it when a plan comes together, and everything worked my way for the two hours I fished the Sip this morning.

I forgot the number, either 8 or 9 of these beauties I landed. I stop taking pictures after this last image. There was no need to take a photo of the same size trout, image after image. I was not amazed that all the trout I landed came from one hole. This place became my honey hole for the morning. 

The water was high when I arrived at 9:30. Several fishermen were already on the water, and I was so lucky to fish in the area I chose while I was there. Why didn't I try other spots? When you consistently land trout in one location, why move to another site and leave the one place you know has trout? I was trying to learn a new technique, and to break my concentration would have interfered with MY PLAN!

I was just thankful that I finally got to fish the Sipsey for the first time since last year and had success. I lost as many trout this morning as I landed because of strike detection. I'm still learning. Today was a warm-up for landing larger trout in the future. 


  1. The Dale Hollow Trout look a lot like the Mt. Lassen Trout as they have a lot of spots on them. Yours seem to have a nice big tail too which would make it a good fighting fish. Well done.

  2. Preparation proved effective, to be sure, and yes, when you've got a productive spot on the river while experimenting with technique, there's no need to move until you're absolutely ready for it. Thanks for sharing your report!

  3. Nice to see you having success with the Sipsey's trout. You reminded me of Hannibal from the A Team: "I love it when a plan comes together!" Justin

  4. Bill, Good to see you on the water with fish in hand. Good times my friend!

  5. I enjoy the post. That looks like a pretty river to fish, and like they say, "don't leave fish to find fish."

  6. Mark
    The Dale Hollow trout is pretty much the standard on the Sipsey. It is amazing how many guys show up to fish the place with a 5 or 6 wt. certainly an overkill! Thanks for the coment

  7. Walt
    I knew I was going to use the Euro Nymphing techinque and it proved very effective! Thanks for the comment

  8. Justin
    I knew I had heard that saying somewhere, but had forgot who said it---thanks for the comment

  9. Ralph
    This was my first trip on the Sip since last May. Yes, I was glad to wade in its clear waters again. Thanks for the comment

  10. Al
    The half mile we have to fish is really scenic. I wish the other 3 miles was suitable to wade. Thanks for the comment