Thursday, April 6, 2023

A Challenge Landing a Carp

 Guys, I had to share a catch of a lifetime regarding landing Carp. I was fishing for bluegill on Walker County Lake this morning using my 7 1/2 ft. two weiight flyrod rigged with a tiny Bream Bug. I was casting the small popper next to the weed beds when this Carp just sucked the fly under like all the bluegill had been hitting all morning. The minute I set the hook, I knew the fish was enormous from the feel of the headshakes. I thought it was a largemouth bass, but after noticing how it raced to deep water, I knew it was a giant catfish. I was wrong guessing on both accounts; it was the largest Carp I had ever landed on any lake. 

What transpired next was the fish pulling my Pelican boat a hundred yards across the lake---which was actually in my favor. I knew if I could get the fish near shallow water, I would have a chance to land it. My little shorthanded bluegill net would never encompass the length of this fish. So I headed out with my little two weight in hand, bent to a U-shape for the entire ride across the lake, thinking my 6X tippet would pop any minute, but to my surprise, it completed the fight. So for the next 35 minutes, the Carp and I were having fond, at least I was, don't know about the Carp. Once we reached the launch, I knew I could get someone with a long handle net to net the fish. The caretaker's grandson was the help I needed. He was as excited as me when he finally laid it on the grass. He said he had never netted a fish. It was quite a thrill for the fly fishermen and grandson!

Moments like this morning make me thankful my Dad taught me how to use a fly rod all those years. The Carp weighed 8 1/2 lbs and was 27" long -----Tight-line guys!!

This little bluegill popper got the Carp's attention and stayed hooked in the upper part of its mouth for the duration of the fight. Tiny flies or poppers do catch big fish!


  1. Nice carp, Bill! Those fish are always a challenge, whether we pursue them or have an accidental hook-up. They're fun to catch with a fly rod, seldom easy. You did great with this pursuit.

  2. Congratulations Bill.
    That must have been quite the ride.
    Fun fact about carp, unlike most other gamefish, they don't suffer from a build up of lactic acid in their muscles so fight right to the net.

  3. Congrats, Bill! A tremendous fish! Justin

  4. Anything that big on a 2wt. puts you in the awesome fisherman category. Well done Bill.

  5. Walt
    I was really hoping this fish would have been a bass. A carp in Alabama is considered a trash fish. Trash fish put up one hell of a fight!! Thanks for the comment

  6. Justin
    I think I will frame the tiny popper that hook this fish---just a miracle I landed it. Thanks for the comment

  7. Fisher
    This is one fish I will never forget landing, not so much for the size but the fight it put up! Thanks for the comment

  8. Mark
    I've had many fly fishermen tell me over the years that the reason they love fly fishing so much; is the flyrod will test your skill as an angler much more than fishing with bait casting combos or spinning gear combos---- sometimes the fish wins, and sometime the angler wins--today the angler won--thanks for the comment

  9. Bill, sometimes you just never know what is on the other end of that "sip". Well done my friend! You now have your own version of "The old man and the sea" written in memory.

  10. Ralph
    What an appropriate title for a fishing trip; I will remember. I hoped this fish was a bass, but I am not complaining. The Carp was good practice for that trophy Spotted Bass; I plan to land before I hang up the fly rod. Thanks for the comment