Saturday, February 11, 2023

Filling Time

 What does one do during the winter months of the fly fishing season.? I have the tailrace to fish for trout during winter, but generation keeps those trips to a minimum. 

Charles and I spent Tuesday on Smith Lake, marking brush on some banks and the back of numerous nooks. We were using his GPS on his boat to know the location of the brush once the lake reached full pool, the last of April. 

Once the lake fills in early Spring, small bait fish will move into the tangled branches of all these brush piles. The bass and crappie will feed on the bait fish during Spring, Summer, and early fall; find the brush you find the fish. I've known where a lot of these spots are on Smith. Each year I find a few new ones in case someone else is fishing the same areas I'm fishing. Casting a popper in the vicinity of any submerged tree tops will get a reaction from a spotted bass or largemouth at daylight. Getting the fish away from the brush and in open water is a must if you want to touch it!  
The Clouser Marabou Minnows is one streamer that will get some attention from the crappie. The crawfish and leech streamers are streamers I've never tried on Smith. I will connect with some spotted bass and largemouth using both of these streamers. I hope to share a favorable report in the coming months. as to their progress.

Monday will be the only day next week suitable for fishing. The rest of the week is a wash with wind gusts and rain. The surface temp on the lake will be close to 50 degrees which is what it was this past Tuesday. I will be surprised if there will be any surface action, so streamers will be the fly pattern Charles and I will cast. 




  1. Hey Bill this is Coach Christian! Good to see you still enjoy fishing as much as I do! Halbert told me about your blog. I really enjoyed the times we fished together when you were at Shannon.

  2. Don
    Those were some great fishing trips you and I made together. As I get older I find myself reminiscing of years past especially the fishing trips. Take care and thanks for the comment

  3. Mark
    Hope to land some Spotted Bass this afternoon using the crawfish streamer---still having problems entering a comment on your latest post--thanks for the comment

  4. Thanks for your report on winter flyfishing at Smith. Sounds like fun, and makes me reminisce, as well.

  5. Walt
    Water temp yesterday on the lake ws 48 degrees. 60 degrees is the temp when I will see some top action. That will be the last of March. Thanks for the comment

  6. It'll be a while before we here in the frozen north will fish open water, so I'm a little envious. Great idea marking those brush piles -- they'll be a fish magnet when the time comes!

  7. Al
    I thought the 48-degree water we encountered the other day on Smith was cold until I read your comment. I know you can't wait to start your fishing season; I hope it warms up soon for you. Thanks for the comment

  8. Well, I am out for a few more months. I might be fishing by June... We will see how I do from surgery. At least I am missing the coldest months. =)

  9. Hi Emily
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery; I know you will be fine because of all the family support you will have. Keep in touch, and let us know how you are doing. Thanks for the comment