Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Fish--an Excellent Meat Choice

 One would assume that most all meats are a good source of protein. Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, and Turkey are the most common. Fish, Turkey, and Chicken are the three types of meat Cathey and I eat. I no longer eat red meat since being diagnosed with a blockage in my left descending artery some 12 years ago. 2010 was the year the blockage was discovered. The Doctors told me 40 to 50 percent blockage didn't warrant a stent. They recommended a yearly checkup and lots of exercise in the form of walking and a diet filled with fruit and vegetables. Cathey and I thought we were eating healthy at the time walking fairly regularly before this diagnosis but apparently not. As was the case with most all of us when we were younger meals were fast foods and eat-outs loaded with fats. In other words, the bad foods over the years showed up in that arteriogram done in 2010. 

My Cardiologist told me on my last visit that test studies prove now with diet and exercise blockage can be decreased if it is not severe. By the way, I am not part of that study, but I gladly accept the findings. I've come to realize as we all get older we need to be much more active. That is the key to keeping all of us on the water even into our 80s!!-----

These bluegills were landed last week using the light 2/3 weight fly rods. All were taken early in the morning on top. Excellent meat source just as the title of this blog post states. Thursday will be my first visit to the Sipsey since last year because of generation. I hope the water is at the level I can wade---wish me luck ! 


  1. Hey Bill. Sending you an email.

  2. Mark --I will check ---thanks

  3. Bill, May the arteries flow freely & the Sipsy be a safe place for your feet & fly!

  4. Walt----I was fishing the Sipsey yesterday and landed a small rainbow which motivates me to go back this afternoon, hope the fish size will increase today. Thanks for the comment

  5. I've said it before -- there's a reason they're called panfish. When the ice-covered lakes here thaw-out I'll catch and fry up some 'gills, myself. It's a good day when you catch your own supper! Good health!

    Also, when you mention generators -- are you talking turbines in a hydro-electric dam?

  6. Al
    Two turbines are used to keep the lake level at full pool which is 510---after the 4th of July the lake is pulled down to 490 to 495 in anticipating the heavy rains coming in the spring. The best fishing on the lake is after the 4th of July and into December because most all the fish head to the rock walls to feed on the freshwater shrimp and shad. The spotted bass and largemouth bass during the low-level marks will kill a popper and wooly bugger. July through December is when I'm really into fishing at the lake. Thanks for comment