Sunday, October 4, 2015

Driftwood Abundant on Waterways This Time of Year

This is the time of the year on Smith Lake one can find some really nice pieces of driftwood.  The lake is being pulled down now and driftwood is scattered all along its banks. Cathey and I like to place different pieces of the wood in our yard. It adds character to areas in the yard that need a little pick me up. We’ve had pieces in our yard for years that hasn’t deteriorated with age.
This huge pine stump was taken from the shoreline on Smith a couple of years ago with the help of my son-in-law. We got some strange looks at the boat dock when we motored up with this thing resting on the back deck of the bass boat. The top of the stump is buried in the ground more than a foot deep.
A different size cypress stump sitting up right
I found this cedar stump a few weeks ago buried in a sandbar along one of the shorelines. Very unusual to have the inside hollowed out. The tree had been cut years ago.
Using rock along side the driftwood adds to the landscaping
This is a piece of poplar driftwood that I found in the Blackhills of South Dakota on our recent trip there. Every piece that I have shown you here in this post has a memory.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Traveling Out West


Cathey and I got back home late yesterday, tired but happy we made a trip of a lifetime for us. We traveled over 4000 miles saw some amazing scenery and didn’t wet a fly on the trip. Time was the factor that kept me out of the streams in the Black Hills and Yellowstone.

As some you know I am a western fan and finding out we could see the actual props used n Dances with Wolves was a plus!!!
The headquarters building of Fort Hayes build for the movie, in fact all the buildings in the Fort Hayes prop village were all built for the movie. The movie went way over budget, but won numerous Oscars at the academy awards in 1989.
 The Black Hills
So majestic is all I can say!!!!
French Creek in the Black Hills, Alan I thought of you when I snap this image.
Monument located atop Monument Hill at the Little Big Horn Battle Field. We spent the afternoon at this site, because of all the history.
Some of Custer’s Calvary using markers showing where they fell in battle----I want go into all the information about the battle, but a lot that was seen in all the Custer movies were false.
Custer is not buried here; his remains are buried in West Point Cemetery in New York

Awesome rock mountains at the Buffalo Bill Dam going into Yellowstone
The Shoshone River flowing from the base of the dam
One of the many buffalo we spotted in the park, notice all the burn area in the background. The only negative for Yellowstone was the thousands of acres of burn timber in the park, in fact there was a fire burning in the park while we there.
Old Faithful
One of many water falls in the park
These are a few of the images from the places we visited, there are many more, but I want bore with the rest. I will close by saying it was a trip Cathey and I will never forget.