Friday, March 6, 2015

The Contour Roam2 Camera Added to my Fly Fishing

As stated in my last post I like to find and watch good fly fishing videos on the net. I recently found some great fresh water videos dealing with warm water and cold water fly fishing filmed by Carter Nelson who lives in South Carolina. He has mastered the art of filming his fishing trips using a headmount camera. After getting some filming pointers from Carter last week, I decided I would do some research on video cameras and found one I was really impressed with on Amazon.

 The Contour Roam2 on Amazon was reduced half price at 98.90 with free shipping. The main thing that impressed me about this camera was the compact size and lightness. It attaches to your cap or hat and wherever you point your head it films. Carter said the only draw back to using a headmount camera is remembering to move your head slow as you work an area.
I have thought about filming some of my trips for years, but assumed it was just too much trouble. Using this camera is a breeze, meaning some of my first trips this season will probably have some video to share with you guys.  


Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting my Daily Dose of Country Music

I have to admit I am a YouTube junkie and when I am not blogging I am usually watching fly fishing video clips or music videos. The music I really enjoy is the 70’s and 80’s country and soft rock.

Recently I was searching Lionel Richie, one of my favorite artists of the 70's on YouTube and found this Lionel Richie concert that was set live at the MGM Grand in Vegas in 2012. What was special about the concert was the fact Richie used some of the biggest names in country music to join him on stage and sing some of his hits back in the 70’s and 80’s.
Some of the artist that was featured were; Kenny Rodgers, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Blake Sheldon, Luke Bryan, and others,----so to kill about 45 minutes snowed in I recommend this free concert.
“Lady” song by Kenny Rodgers and Lionel Richie was a classic!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Down in The Deep South

When it snows in Alabama or any of the adjoining states around us, it becomes a big deal. We are expected to receive snow until midnight, which will gives us between 5 to 6 inches. In other words one of the biggest snows we’ve had in years.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eagle Parents Stay Busy Tending the Young

The Bald Eagles are really active on Guntersville Lake in the north Alabama now. There is a lot of activity around this nest which houses two baby Eagles.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perfection in the Picket Pin & Soft Hackle Flies

I decided late last fall towards the end of my fishing season that I didn’t need anymore flies or poppers. Well you guys know how long that resolution lasted; right after I saw the Picket Pin and Soft Hackle flies Alan had tied at Small Stream Reflections. Both these patterns impressed me not only for their success rate, but also for their fishy look. For those of you who follow Alan’s blog know he is an accomplished fly tier and and excellent photographer.
I can’t wait to get out on our local tailrace and introduce both these patterns to the rainbow there.

The Picket Pin is one of Alan’s go to flies and one that I feel will be productive for me as well.
The Soft Hackle Dry is another stellar pattern from Alan’s collection; I haven’t fished this fly on our tailrace and anxious to give it a try.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Fishing Accessory I Just Can’t Live Without!!

I read a post the other day concerning fly fishing accessories. It got me to thinking about just how much we as fishermen weather its cold water or warm water spend on all these add-ons we place in our fishing arsenal.  If I read about or see a fishing item I think I just can’t live without then most of the time I buy it; well here is another fishing accessory I decided I just couldn't live without, the fly fishing license plate.
I know how all of us love this great sport of fishing, so I thought why not spread the word, especially to the young,  as we drive to and from our favorite fishing destinations. The following plates were some of my favorites I found online and thought you guys might want to see:
Really impressed with this plate

Outstanding Brook Trout Plate
For all of us who love the Bluegill

Awesome Brown Trout

Bass on the Boogle Bug Poppers

Can’t forgot the Crappie Fishermen
Catchy fly license plate
My favorite---all these license plates and many more can be found at Café Express


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beaver Dams the Hidden Fishing Jewel

Beaver Dams play an important part in the environment we live in. They add to the fish habitat weather it’s in a lake setting, river or small stream.
 This particular beaver dam is a prime obstacle across the spillway in the upper Legion Lake in Montgomery County Mississippi. Any narrow stretch of fast water in a creek, river, or in this case spillway will attract beavers to set up home.
This beaver dam serves not only as a home for a beaver family, but acts as an aquatic food chain for large and small fish. The smaller fish used the dam as a refuge from the larger fish which are always on the prowl for an easy meal. This particular dam has helped to keep the “Stumpy Side” water level, which is what the locals have named the lake, up during the drier summer months. The stumpy side name is derived from the mass of trees that was in the area when it was flooded years ago. All that is left of the trees today on the lake is the actual stumps sticking above the water surface. Thanks to the beavers for keeping this part of Legion a fishing bonanza for lots of crappie, bluegill and monster largemouth?  
My brother and I actually spotted an Eagle on the Legion Lake road one day last year on our way to fish the upper lake. We felt that the eagle was not there by accident; so my brother did some exploring a couple days later and found three huge nests off the banks of the Lake. We hope the majestic birds show up again this year to replenish those nests.
These are huge nest, which got me to wondering if the eagles use the same nest year after year. After doing a little research I found they do use the same nest under certain circumstances.