Thursday, April 17, 2014

Landing Spots With The Electric Damsel Blue Boogle Bug in 58 Degree Water

I seldom get to fish with my son and today was one of those special days we got to hang out together on Smith, which is his favorite lake to fish when he is home. We were hoping to get in some trout fishing as well while he was here but the recent rains have caused the lake to fill above full pool which means non stop generation below the dam. We were 30 minutes late today, but manage to have a great trip for the 2 ½ hours we were on the water. The wind ended the trip around 9 AM.

First fish of the morning on the Super Nymph which David at Trout Zone tied up for me the other day; this pattern has been good for me over the past couple of years, landing spots and bluegill on Smith. It is also a productive fly for the trout on the tailrace.

Jason with his first spot of the morning using the Damsel Blue Boogle Bug; no fly movement at all produced this spot over a submerged tree.  This morning all the hits came with the popper setting still with no movement at all.

Another quality spot using the Damsel Blue Boogle; all the spots today were in the slot, and all were released to fight another day. We never got out of sight of the launch during the 2 ½ hours we fished.  Landing these fish with the fly rod is one awesome experience, especially when you are fishing with your son. We hope to make one more trip before he returns to Sacramento on Saturday.

Thought I would share a post by Rick at White Tail Woods about President Jimmy Carter.






Saturday, April 12, 2014

Surface Action in 57 Degree Water With What Else "BOOGLE BUGS POPPERS"

My first trip to Smith Lake today to fish for the spots proved to be surprising for top action using the Boggle Bugs Popper. My buddy Charles and I were a little late getting on the water and missed most of the surface action, but we did manage to find out that the spots will take a popper in 57 degree water. The lake was 3 ½ ft. above full pool and super clear.
Fat 13” spot and one that really put up a fight on the 6 wt. That is what I love about this fish, it will give you all it’s got on any weight fly rod you may be using.
The first spot of the morning, which gave Charles a fight on his 5 weight; both fish were released because they fell into the slot limited the lake enforces.
Even the bull bluegills couldn’t resist the Boogle Bugs on top in this cold water this morning. This guys is worthy of the quest, because he gave my 6 weight a respectable bend. I am now 49 away from the quest. The full moon will be on the 27th. this month and that is when the bluegill action will really heat up on this lake, I am counting the days.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Using The Swing Cast Nymphing

I was brought back to reality Thursday morning on the tailrace after having what I consider the best trout fishing outing I have ever fished. I wanted to fish a couple of hours before the wife and I would welcome the grandchildren for their spring break. I started at access four where there was some slow water with no surface activity at all.
The water was in great shape crystal clear and low. I have had success in this area with a size 18 Zebra Midge so that was the pattern 3 ft. below the indicator. With limited time and no takers here I moved up to another area I have fished before.
This run is where I always get some attention with the Leech. Between the two boulders here there is a narrow seam that has some current as it flows over a log jam at the bottom of the run; this pocket is always a trout landed using the Leech. Sorry to say I missed all that came at the Leech this morning here.
With time running out for me I decided to move up to some faster water and swing the nymph.
The swing paid off as I was working the Leech slowly back to me. I’m getting low on this pattern after losing two today in rocks, really a fantastic pattern for nymphing.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Unbelievable Dry Action on A Small English Stream

Guys I just had to share these three short videos of some fantastic footage of small stream fishing on an English stream. There is not a word spoken in none of the videos, but the old saying “action speaks louder than words” certainly applies here.
I was thinking of Alan and Mark fishing those beautiful streams in the northeast while watching these.  The hatch in one of the videos reminds me of the hatch I fished some weeks back on our tailrace here, the action was similar. What really impress me about these videos are the excellent filming and the sound of the stream and surroundings. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Notice the tremendous hatch occurring—I would guess he is a 2/3 reel with a 6 to 7 ft fly rod.
Beautiful wild brown trout nailing a dry
I can see now after watching these three short videos why Alan and Mark love small stream fishing so much. As you watch each video it will show you a link to subscribe to see more of his work. I have subscribed!!