Monday, March 27, 2017

Fishing McCutcheon Creek for Rainbow

Fishing McCutcheon Creek near our home in Spring Hill last week brought back memories of fishing some of the warm water streams in Mississippi years ago as a boy. Those early years found me using a cane pole and worms landing sunfish and catfish in a lot of the streams I fished there. Last week I was armed with my 3 weight Redington; ready to land a few stocker rainbows. I notice I was the only one using a fly rod. There were a lot of eager fishermen waiting with spinning rod and reels ready to “clean plow” fishing the small stream. The majority of the 150 trout that were stocked on that Friday were all caught and taken home for a meal by the fishermen at the end of the day.
The trout were release in 2 to 3 ft. depths
Nothing like seeing the thrill  on a child's face once they land a fish
Colton with his first rainbow on the fly rod---congrats Colton on a job well done!!
Colton help me land numbers of rainbow this size, all were release for other kids to enjoy
Colton with his Dad Wesley after they landed this huge rainbow using the spinning reel and a crappie nibblet as bait. Colton's dad told me he had never fished for trout before. We watched it swim away after a hero shot.
Ken, the Hatchery director told me when they arrived that he bought 10 of these big fish for the young kids to land. What made me really sick was seeing 4 of these big trout in metal nets dead caught by adults. A lot of metal nets were filled with trout before I left for lunch. The practice of catch and release was not in place on this day!!! 
McCutcheon Creek

Friday, March 17, 2017

Interesting Road Trip

Cathey and I recently spent an afternoon in the little community of Flintville Tennessee.  It’s an area in Tennessee with beautiful rolling hills, deep ravines and small clear streams. All of the above characteristics in this little community contribute to one of the oldest fish hatcheries in the state of Tennessee. Numerous clear springs are located at the bottom of the ravines, which provide the cold water to keep all the rainbow trout alive in the Flintville Trout Hatchery. The director told us that the water is harness from nine springs and pumped through the indoor tanks and outdoor concrete trays. The indoor tanks whole the smaller trout from ¾” to 3” fingerlings: while 300 yards of concrete trays 6 ft. wide 2 to 3 ft. deep outdoors house the largest trout. The outdoor trout range from 4” to 12” in size. Once the trout reach the 12” size then they are transferred to Tim’s Ford tailrace and warm water streams in a 100 mile radius of the hatchery. There are numerous warm water streams in middle Tennessee that receive rainbow trout during the months of December, January, February, and March. During those months the water temp is cold enough to sustain life for the hundreds of rainbow that are release in the streams. Very few trout survive after April once the water temps move into the upper 60’s. In fact most all are caught before the temperature takes a toll on them.

  This is my second trip to a fish hatchery and today’s visit was the better of the two. The director made the visit very informative and interesting during the hour tour. I am sure most of you have toured a hatchery before, but for those of you who haven’t it is worth the time spent. 
Numerous indoor tanks containing the smaller rainbow
Sorry for the reflection--thousands of tiny rainbow, most still have the egg yoke attach to their stomach--these tiny trout will be twelve inches in a year
Quite a find, a smaller tank inside with albino trout
Yards of outdoor concrete trays containing larger trout--a lot of these trays had screens on them
  Feeding time, quite a frenzy!!!
This trip really got me pumped for the coming season; this post is part one. In the coming weeks I will share with you'll part 2 fishing McCutcheon Creek in Spring Hill where some of the trout was stocked today. I live about four miles from the warm water stream.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fulfilling a Request

I enjoy looking at outdoor pictures, especially those posted by fellow bloggers. Howard at Windknots and Tangled Lines has shared some great blog images from his recent post. In his response to my comment about the post, he suggested that everyone should do a post like his image post. So I’m going to be the first blogger to fulfill his suggestion. I hope the rest of you guys will submit an “image post” in the coming days as well.
Beautiful rainbow taken from the crystal clear waters of the Sipsey, I will miss fishing this outstanding tailrace.

Charles and I at our last Troutfest
Kyle was one of my former students, who love to fly fish
Viewing the set of Dances With Wolves out west a couple of summers ago. This western in my opinion was the greatest western ever made; as most of you know I am a HUGE western fan!!
My fishing buddy Ivan; love to watch him make those roll cast under the many overhanging branches on Smith Lake
Our first snow in Spring Hill this year---I've recorded 16 different bird species feeding at the  my feeders
Blogger David Knapp on the Caney, enjoyed my day fishing with David 
Monster bull bluegill taken last year
Vintage cypress boat, built by my older brothers, one who is no longer with us, but still in memory in this boat
How could I forget Jenny's big catfish
What can I say!!
I still remember this spotted bass
B.T. with one of his best bows from the Caney last year
So many memories from this little pond
Jason home for a short time, a couple of years ago, he loved to fish Smith
The Crystal Mill located in Carbondale west of Denver
Special Grandchildren!!
The bluegill hunter will soon be on the water
Jason and I fishing the Caney a couple of years ago
My older brother who is in bad health now and will never make anymore fishing trips--this image was taken from one of many trips I made with him crappie fishing on his home lake in Winona Miss.
Guys I had a lot of fun sorting through hundreds of images from my hard drive to put this post together, brought back a lot of memories



Sunday, February 19, 2017

Enjoying My Skechers

Just wondering how many of you guys are concerned about good footwear. When I was young wearing a comfortable shoe or tennis shoe wasn’t that important to me. I was only concerned about the style then, but now I am looking for comfort as well as style. Anyone who is into hiking, hunting, running, walking or fishing; I assume would want a pair of shoes that will not cause leg and foot discomfort during the day. I like athletic shoes that will absorb the pounding your feet and legs take during a day’s activity.
Cathey and I recently spent a day at Epcot from 9 AM to 9PM walking or standing most of the day. The memory foam shoe by Skechers help make that day much more enjoyable, simply because of the cushion foam that help eliminate leg and foot cramps during the day.
This post probably sounds like an advertisement, if it does so be it, but this shoe is the real deal. For you Geezers and the rest of you guys this might be a shoe you need to try on. We purchased our Skechers at Academy Sports or you can go online and purchase with free shipping.
I liked my Skechers so well that I went back to Academy and bought another pair for 30.00 bucks quite a bargain. You even get two colors of shoe strings, I stayed with the grey color.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Little Exploring

Cathey and I decided to take a little trip last week looking for warmer weather in Florida. We made numerous stops along the way at antique shops, flea markets and a fishing-knife museum on our way to Epcot at Disney World. The fishing-knife museum was a hidden gem off interstate 10 near Tallahassee. This place had the largest selection of Case knives in the U.S.

This was our second trip to Disney World our first was visiting Magic Kingdom when our children were young; that visit 30 years ago was for the children, this trip this past week was for Mom and Dad.
What can I say about Epcot, which is a museum within itself; the LandPavilion for us was the most interesting, the food production research being conducted in this Pavilion was amazing. We spent hours in this one place. I’m sure some of you have made a visit to the Land Pavilion, but for those who have not it is worth the trip to tour the facilities and the rest of the Epcot Park.
Most all these lures were wooden
Huge collection of vintage outboard motors
My grandson would have love this collection
Old cypress canoe, excellent condition
Vintage Fly Reels

Just a small part of the case collection--leather handle and bone handle case knives