Thursday, November 19, 2015

Going Back After Better Trout

Today’s post is the second installment of the Logjam post from last week. I knew last Tuesday when I kept losing all those better trout on the Sipsey I would be making another trip to try to redeem myself. I am one of those fishermen who dissect every trip I make. I left the tailrace Tuesday wondering why I lost more trout than I landed. I surmised it came down to fly rods. My 3 weight just didn’t have the backbone needed to really set the hook as opposed to using a heavier fly rod such as my 4 weight.

 I thought I was completely prepared for today’s outing. I wanted to film some of the action today, so I brought along my Contour Video camera. My first rainbow of the afternoon inhaling my nymph right after I stepped off the metal steps into the waters; camera ready so I reach up on top of my helmet to flip the switch on. Nothing was happening, after repeated tries, reached in my front pocket and used my camera to record the last part of the action. I need to remember to charge the Contour camera even when it is not in use. The uncharged camera was the only downer for today’s trip.
I discovered these small plants scattered all over the tailrace. All the plants were less than 10 inches tall. They were covered with tiny lavender buds, with leaves similar to a rubber plant. It is a hardy plant, because when the generators are running all are covered with the frigid 57 degree water for hours. I am thinking of digging one up and transplanting it in our yard at home.
I like to think this is one of the better rainbows that I lost on Tuesday. Dropping a nymph at least 3 feet deep in fast water, got his attention. The colors on this trout were more vivid than most I land.
I continue to be amazed that I am landing trout like this in the Deep South, especially in Alabama!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Landing Rainbow in Logjams

I finally made it back to the Sipsey Tuesday to connect with the new stockers that were released in the tailrace a couple of weeks ago. I was met this morning with a slight mist and cooler temperatures in the high 40’s, which is a drastic contrast from the hot humid weather I face here in the summer.

As I was suiting up I was wondering if I should wait to tie on a fly before seeing if there was any type of hatch occurring. I do love to land trout here on top and lately that hasn’t been the case; but that little voice kept telling me to suit up, tie up and fish the nymph. My last outing here had me fishing high water and today was supposed to be different with no generating and the guys at the dam held true to their word, generators off all day.
I begin casting today at a set of logjams that span 30 to 40 yards in fairly deep water up the gorge. The water was super clear making it easy to see my prey with my polarized glasses. This area is not fished heavy, simply because most like to fish in shallower water here. This area has depths of 5 to 6 ft. The trout like to use the logs as cover and dart out and nail a fly pattern as it passes over.
Dead drifting nymphs over the logjams and letting it drop produced this dark colored rainbow.
A deep cut on the gill plate of this trout tells me that there is more than trout swimming in this tailrace.
What a great way to enjoy a lunch break sitting on one of the many large boulders that line the waters edge.
 This rainbow ended a successful trip coming from the waters shown in the video. I filmed the tailrace footage with my camera.  I wish I had been using my video camera for this particular rainbow; lots of air jumps. No way was this trout going to let me whole it for the picture, but it did manage to stay still longer enough for me to get this water image shot before it swim away to freedom. I landed a number of trout today, but what really frustrated me was losing so many fish on this trip. I guess it may be time to change from my 3 weight and go with my 4 weight on my next trip.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Overcast Days

For the past couple of weeks we have had overcast skies with periods of rain, which pretty much covers the forecast for the region here. These kind of days usually have me at the computer reading blogs, watching fly fishing videos, working on my ancestry tree or watching some of my favorite western movies.

Reading fly fishing blogs has become one of my go to activities just about every morning after breakfast. I am one of those guys who gravitates towards people who have things in common with me. That is why I like blogging so much because it gives me chance to converse with other fly fishermen who love the sport as much as me.  

I really enjoy watching fly fishing videos, especially the ones that pass along bits of information that will help me land more fish. I think one of the best fly fishing videos series for the beginner and the seasoned angler is The New Fly Fisher with Bill Spicer.

How could I go through the winter without working on my Ancestry tree? I sign up for the three month stay the first of November and leave the site the end of January. During those months I catch up on all the information that has been submitted concerning my ancestries. Ancestry recently added DNA testing and that is something I may consider while on the site this time.

As most of you know I am an avid western movie fan. If I could have lived another life it would have been during the 1800’s. I know times were tuff back then but my love of the outdoors and the adventure that period offered would have made it perfect for me.
I am more of a fan of the 70’s through present day westerns as opposed to the earlier westerns. The earlier westerns were not as realistic as the Eastwood era and Duvall era movies. Any western with Robert Duvall in it is considered a classic in my book. Three of his best were Lonesome Dove, Open Range and Broken Trail. 

So I will end this rambling episode by saying if you guys haven’t tried some of these overcast day activities, then I highly recommend you give one a try.