Friday, September 26, 2014

Landing Trout From The Driftboat

This past Friday my son-in-law B.T. and I got to fish the Caney Fork river in the eastern part of Tennessee. David our guide had been trying to work a day around the generation schedule that would enable us to land numerous trout during an afternoon outing. We were not disappointed, B.T. and I stayed busy all evening landing some colorful rainbow, browns and some beautiful brook trout just getting their fall colors.

I seldom get to fish with B.T. anymore because of his heavy work schedule; so getting to fish with him again on the Caney brought back some fond memories. This is the river that actually got me into trout fishing with B.T. right after he and Jenny got married. It only took landing one trout that first outing to get me hooked, and I have been obsessed ever since.

The only disappointment of the trip for me was my camera, which didn’t have my 512 Sandisk in when I started to shoot pictures. I wish I could share the beauty of the float, but leaving the sandisk at home eliminated all the images.

To complete the post with all the images and fishing from the drift boat, which is awesome to fish from check out David’s excellent account of the outing?