Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Furled Leader

 How many of you guys have fly fishing accessories that lie useless for years in a drawer, box, or bag? While rambling through one of my many drawers of fly fishing stuff the other day I discovered this furled leader that I found. After researching my blog I discover I did a post concerning this leader fishing the Sipsey in 2016 but never used it that day. I thought as I examined the package that it would be a good replacement for my 4 weight mono leader I had been using for years. Once I buy a leader the first thing I do is replace the tippet end of the leader with a tippet ring. By doing that I can tie on tippet after tippet of 3 ft. or longer for a number of seasons. I applied the same procedure to this new furled leader.

A few false cast in the back yard convinced me that it was worth giving a try on the trip I had planned on Smith last Thursday. I was using the leader with my 4 weight 9 ft. Redington. My first cast using this leader showed me the difference in the mono leader I had been using for years versus the furled leader. I was impressed with the ease of casting especially in the wind that was occurring at times that morning. The info on the package indicated it was made with Uni-thread as opposed to the mono strands used to construct mono furled leaders. The mono furled leaders are much stiffer and retain memory. The Uni-thread gives the leader the ability to have no memory. In other words, no bend in your leader line. It cast accurate and landed lightly on the water. I also noticed that on my line pick-up from the water surface there is no spray water. My favorite characteristic of this leader is the no memory factor which reduces drag when fishing dries or nymphs. It floats quite well on the surface without sinking and affecting the action of the fly or popper. I read where one can add some floatant if they prefer. I'm still using it without floatant.  

After doing a little research on the leader I found they are made in 4, 5, 6, or 7 ft. lengths. The one I am using is a 6 ft. length with the tippet ring attached. This leader will last me the rest of the season and even into next season. I found no fly shops carrying these leaders because they are constructed most of the time by individuals and are not factory-made. I'm so impressed I'm already in the process of searching Ebay for more Uni-thread leaders. In fact, I will be using all furled leaders for the next season.  

They're still on the walls!!!


  1. Bill I have been using braided/furled leaders for years, I love them.

    Fish-on buddy.

  2. Alan
    I am really into the furled leader and will never go back to the mono leader. I am in the process of replacing all my mono leaders on all six combos. Thanks for the comment

  3. Get those Gills while you can. They'll be gone soon. Although there's always next year.

  4. Mark
    I've decided to fish for the bluegills until the first frost, which is usually in mid-October. I don't like getting the popper tangled up in all those leaves floating on the water after the frost occurs. It's been a fantastic year for me and my buddies fishing for these great fighters on the fly rod. Thanks for the comment

  5. Thanks for your review of furled leaders with tippet ring. I've avoided using them in the past but am now seriously considering a try, and will let you know how I do.

  6. I use furled leaders from time to time . I dont like them much for nymphing bit for dries i like them especially on light line weights and for fishing silk lines on my cane rods. try using otter Butter instead of red mucilin to treat the leaders if you can find some its splendid .


  7. Walt
    As stated in my post, I am really impressed with the no memory these leaders possess. I hate seeing a bend in my leader as I unstring my fly line to get ready to make my first cast. You won't see that bend with the furled leader. Looking forward to your review--thanks for the comment

  8. Becks
    I give this leader a huge plus for the dries outweighs a slim negative for me using this leader for nymphing. I can get a much better drift with the furled as opposed to the mono. This leader is much easier for me to mend. I will give the Otter Butter a try. Thanks for the comment

  9. Hi Bill

    Sounds like a happy discovery. Furled leaders are a delight to cast but the wind knots are a bugger to untie!


  10. Justin
    I've encountered a wind knot the other fishing the lake and didn't bother to try to untie it. I will save that knot for the winter months when I'm not fishing. Thanks for the comment