Sunday, September 27, 2020

The "Best Cast" Fly Line

 First off guys I'm no expert when it comes to fly lines. I do know when the fly line I'm using isn't performing to its potential. After doing the post on furled leaders; I thought, wouldn't be nice if I could find a fly line that was limp and had no memory like the furled leader I've started using. Enter the SF Best Cast fly line that can be described in a few sentences. First, this line has no memory at all and is as limp as the furled leader I'm using now. The ease of casting this line has really impressed me for distance casting and accuracy in placing the fly or popper I might be using. Also, this line doesn't tangle when you have line pulled off the reel getting ready for your next cast. I intend to have all my fly reels spooled with the Best Cast line by next season. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, the best part about this line is the price. It comes in 100 ft and 90 ft. length and is priced at 16.99 with free shipping at Amazon. I am using the dark green color instead of the bright yellow on a couple of my reels now. It comes in sizes 1 through 10 line wt. and has the welded loop on both ends.

This 2 lb spot put this line through the tangle test factor yesterday as I rushed to get him on the reel. No tangle line at all as this fish strips drag time and again. 

He nailed a Bullet Boogle Bug as I slowly moved it away from a rock ledge, fishing Brushy Creek on Smith Lake. The Spotted Bass were active early yesterday hitting a number of different poppers I cast their way.  


Brk Trt said...

Bill I have purchased fly line from Amazon to. The name was Piscifun, in 3wt. It's a fine line for the price. I think I paid a little bit more but still under 30 bucks.

Mark Kautz said...

A Bass on a Bullet Boogle Bug on Brushy Creek. Say that 3 times fast. That's a mouthful. Nice Spot. Bet that was fun.

Bill Trussell said...

A tongue twister for sure; I never get tired of landing those fighters on the fly rod. The minute they start the drag singing I know they are beyond a pound. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Any fly line under 30 bucks is a bargain. I hope this line lasts as long as some of the other lines I've been using. Thanks for the comment

Justin said...

Supple, memory free and a bargain. I've made a note for the next time I need a line - Cheers Bill.

Bill Trussell said...

The real test for this line is to see how long it will actually last. Some of the other lines I have on my reels are at least 4 years old. I will be satisfied if I get 3 years out of the "Best Cast" line. Thanks for the comment