Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wood Projects

The winter months are a slow time of the year for me, mainly because of the limited time I spend on the water. Living in the deep South one doesn't encounter the extreme cold that the rest of the country experiences. 30 to 40-degree weather here is cold enough to keep folks inside, especially me. I can remember when I was younger I could endure the cold much better. Now I spend the colder days working in my woodshop, blogging, going to the gym, ancestry research and watching older movies, especially westerns. 
As for today's movies, there a very few that interest me. While I'm trashing today's movies I might as well lump the music of today in there too. The late sixties, seventies, and eighties had some of the best music ever. In other words, those individuals could sing and deliver a song with meaning. 
Sorry for straying away from my post title, "Wood Projects." I've spent the last 3 weeks working on three wall shelves for the grandchildren which will hang from their newly painted rooms. They needed some shelf space to display all the items they have accumulated since birth. I'm amazed at what a 10, 7, and 5-year-old have collected. 
The next step is getting the paint on all 3 wall shelves. 32"wide and 42"tall should display a lot of the kid's items they have collected.
My love of woodworking was developed during my teenage years working at my Dad's sawmill. My younger brother and I would spend the summer working at the mill while we were out of school. After high school, I attended a local Jr. College where I signed up for a woodworking class to take as an elective. At the time I wanted to be a history teacher, but after taking the wood class I decided I would change my major and become an Industrial Arts Teacher. It was a wise decision for me because it enabled me to do something that I enjoyed. In all my years of teaching, I never had to carry any of my students to the Principals office. I was blessed to have taught some outstanding individuals. 
I spend a lot of time in this 12 X 12 shop in the winter months. I'm still working on hanging some of my clamps.


  1. Bill, it looks like your plate is quite full. I'm also a fan of "old" movies. Many of my favorites are Clint Eastwood. Your shop is neat and well organized, something I should do. Stay busy buddy.

  2. A very nice, clean shop. I'd hate for you to see mine.

  3. Alan
    I've seen Clint Eastwood's movies a number of times, especially his westerns. Thanks for the comment

  4. Mark
    One of the classes I had to take as an Industrial Arts major was shop organization, which was the actual name of the class. The class was worth the time spent, in learning how to make all those handy little racks for keeping your hand tools organized and easy to find. Thanks for the comment

  5. Excellent work! It's great to have skills like this. Keeps you out of trouble! Haha. Hope life is treating you well.

  6. Emily
    I'm hoping to make my first fishing trip Monday; a warmup for many more trips I've planned for this year. Hope things are going well for you and the family----Thanks for the comment

  7. I'm impressed with your wood-working skills. No doubt, some of that creative energy will soon be directed at the water again!

  8. Walt
    Woodworking is a great way for me to ease the boredom of the winter months. Last Monday was my first bluegill trip for this season. The trip was sandwiched in between all the heavy rains we are experiencing here in the south at this time. I'm ready for Spring!!
    Thanks for the comment