Saturday, January 18, 2020

My New Fishing Buddy

I kicked off my 2020 fly fishing season this afternoon, on Walker County Lake. Little did I know that this year's opening for 2020 would be a memorable one. Why, because I would meet a little guy that was as excited as me to land fish. This eight-year-old name James reminded me of my own grandchildren. James, his sister, and his parents were fishing for catfish and trout using redworms. The parents had landed a couple of catfish but no trout. When James saw me land a nice size trout he ran over close to me and wanted to get a closer look at the fish. His mom told me that he had never seen a trout up close and thank me for letting him touch the rainbow. I saw how excited he was so I told her and her husband that I would be happy to let him land the next three I hope to land. So James waited patiently while I landed my 4 limit trout per fisherman. 
James' little sister wanted to get in on the action; one proud little guy with his sister to offer encouragement! Congrats James on landing some quality trout.
Walker County Lake is beautiful this time of the year. We've had a lot of rain lately causing the water level to be quite high. Even with all the overflow the lake still stays super clear. I'm looking forward to landing some supersize bluegill starting early March on this outstanding bluegill lake!! 


Mark Kautz said...

You have attained hero status in that little guy's eyes. Well done Bill.

Brk Trt said...

Bill, that's wonderful. It's a pleasure to fish with youngsters...they are the future of our sport.

Bill Trussell said...

James wanted to know when we could fish again? I told his Dad I'll let them know when I would be back on the lake. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I agree nothing like fishing with children, especially the ones who have never landed a fish.
Thanks for the comment

rivertoprambles said...

Bill, you're doing a great job as a mentor for the young!

Bill Trussell said...

That little guy made my afternoon, as stated in the post, he reminded me of my grandchildren!T Thanks for the comment