Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New England Vacation+ Trout Fishing

Winter is a slow time of the year for me especially if the weather conditions aren't suitable to wet a fly. On those days that I'm cooped inside; my time is spent doing quick workouts at the gym, reading blogs, Ancestry work, watching fly fishing videos, and just maybe a trout fishing outing. This past Thursday was one of those rare fishing trips. Thursday was the only day I could go because of other jobs and things my wife had planned for us as Christmas gets closer. 
The caretaker at the lake told me he was closing Thursday evening after me and a few other fishermen left. The lake opens again in the middle of January. So Thursday would end my fly fishing on Walker County Lake for another year. I assured him I would be back in January if the weather would cooperate. 
This one rainbow made the few hours fished a success. Released back into the lake for someone else to land in 2020!!
Family time was spent in October traveling through the New England area. We scheduled the trip so we could witness some of the spectacular foliage that occurs each year in the area. Vermont top the list of states we visited with some of the prettiest foliage. 
In full form in Manchester Vermont. 
The scenic Batten Kill river flowing through the small town of Manchester Vt. Wish I could have fished this awesome looking river.
Portland Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine
Rock formation along the shores in Cape Elizabeth; the boulders actually look like petrified wood.
 The largest house on the Kennedy Compound where Ethel Kennedy still lives. Two other houses are on six acres of waterfront property on Cape Cod along Nantucket Sound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. We couldn't believe we got this close to the big house before security waved us away, quite an experience! This is a trip we had been planning for years and was glad we were able to make it during great weather. 


  1. Bill New England is beautiful in the fall. The Battenkill is historic. The section of it in NY fishes much better. A famous streamer was created on the Battenkill. The "Shushan Postmaster" created by Lew Oatman in the early 1950's. The streamer was named for a fishing friend of his who was the Postmaster of the Shushan NY post office.

  2. The tree was beautiful. A lot of times traveling around our area, you can see red trees like that. They are vibrant they can be picked out from quite a ways away. Only one fish, but well worth the trip.

  3. Alan
    I've just read the article in the Post Star concerning the naming of the Shushan Postmaster streamer. What a way to be remembered as a great fly fisherman, having a streamer fly named in your honor. I'm including the link to the article and the image of the streamer in the article. Thanks for the comment

  4. Mark
    As stated in the post, Vermont had some of the most spectacular foliage we've ever seen. The town of Manchester was a hidden gem. Small with a lot of locally own stores that made you think you back in the 50/60 area. Only one fast food place in the whole town, which was a subway. I could go on for a while about this one town, it would be worth a trip back just to visit the place again. Thanks for the comment

  5. Bill, you may like this.


  6. Thanks Alan, I added the video to my favorites----wouldn't it been great to have had the opportunity to talk to these guys??

  7. Bill, glad you had an opportunity to enjoy New England a while ago, and I wish you all the best for a great new year.

  8. Walt
    Traveling through New England was one of the best vacations Cathey and I have ever been on. The small towns were the highlights of the trip. I can see from this visit why you all love to live in the New England area. You and your family have a great 2020. Thanks for the comment

  9. Hey Bill..It' been a while..glad to see you were up my way for a tour..the fall is the best time of year for sure..I hope you and yours have a great 2020!

  10. I was thinking of you when we were in Cape Elizabeth, such a beautiful place. I hope everything is going well and the fishing will be fantastic for you in 2020. Thanks for the comment

  11. What an interesting trip. I want to go back East someday and especially in the Fall. Hope that the holidays were good for you and the family! Good health in 2020!

  12. Emily
    This was our first time to visit the northeast and it was worth every minute we spent there. The fall foliage is spectacular!! We had a great time with the family for the holidays.
    I'm still waiting for the rain to break here so I can I land my first trout of the new year. Hopefully, I will make a connection in the coming days. Thanks for the comment