Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mechanics’ of the Contour Roam2 Video Camera

Adding the Contour Video Camera to my fishing arsenal has actually helped me to concentrate more on getting that fish to take my offering.  Knowing I would like to get that unique footage of the fish nailing the fly and the intense fight the fish puts forth in its effort to break free is what I am striving for. The fish doesn’t have to be the biggest fish in the water column, but one that gives me and the viewer some fly fishing excitement.

With all that said let’s take a better look at the Contour Roam 2:


·                               Locking Instant On-Record Switch No power button, no problem. Simply slide the Instant On-Record switch into its locking position to ensure you shoot exactly when you're ready.

·                                 Vibrant color options We understand that style matters and color can make or break a look. Match your kit, or bring in a little contrast by adding a ContourROAM2 in one of four colors: Contour green, red, blue or traditional black.

·                                 60fps As requested by our users, we've bumped up the frames per second to 60, meaning you can now get that smooth video quality you've come to expect from Contour cameras.

·                                 Waterproof without a case Good things come in small packages. The ContourROAM2 sheds bulk by working underwater without an extra case.

 For more information about the camera check out this link that will give you even more info---don’t let this camera overwhelmed you it is very simple to operate.

 If you purchase the camera, you will need to purchase the 6 in 1 pack which comes with 6 different accessories to mount your camera in different ways—the one you really need is the strap helmet mount. I discovered that the straps that are used to whole the mount in place on your helmet is worthless. The real gem in this package is the stick on mount that you will use to attach to your helmet to whole the camera firmly while you are filming. It comes with a tilt and screw down clamp to really keep the camera stable when filming. I tried the headbands, the straps and both simply do not work well.

 The other item you will need is the actual helmet, which can be purchased at Academy Sports in the bike department. The Bell helmet is the one I choose, you may want another brand, but trust me the helmet is essential in filming hands free.

 I went through numerous filming clips before I finally got a few I was willing to show anyone. The main thing one needs to get use to is your head movement. The slower you can move your head when filming the better video you will produce. After landing the fish make sure you get it in front of the camera, I had that problem on my last filming trip with some of the trout I landed. Positioning your head at the correct angle will get the fish in view for your viewers to see.  For me this became a trail and error thing. I am still working on this part of the filming process.

I did tinker with some of the settings of the Contour, but found out that the standard default settings work best for me. In other words I found you can get a much clearer picture with the default settings.

 You will need to download the Story Teller software which will enable you to change the settings in the camera, and to view your video footage. This software is very simple to use.

 The best editing software I have found is Windows Movie Maker which is actually on your computer if you are using Windows 8 and beyond. I learn how to use the software by watching some excellent tutorials on Youtube. It is very simple to use.
This is what the complete package looks like, in the form of the Bell Helmet, Contour camera and the stick on mount attachment. The great thing I like about the mount is the angle adjustment one can use tilting the camera in the up or down position. I tried the headband strap which I ordered from Amazon, but sent it back, because it simply didn’t whole the camera steady. I tried the strap around a cap and hat but neither worked. The best thing I found to actually whole the camera in place and get quality video is the helmet----140.00 bucks total.

I’ve had a number of you to ask me for more details as far as filming and the accessories that go along with the camera; so with this post I hope I have helped some of you get started filming some of your fishing trips.


Brk Trt said...

Us older gents need simplicity when it comes to modern toys. Youtube is a big plus. I'm learning a few new things on creating a power point presentation.

Waiting for your next video.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bill. Very interesting set up for sure. The camera may be easy to operate, but I still think, that the "Filmer" has to be pretty good at what he or she does. With that said, you are doing a great job with this new concept.

cofisher said...

I think for me it would be cheaper and less frustrating to just hire a cameraman. Looking forward to more lessons Bill...thanks.

looknfishy said...

Are we going to get any underwater video...that should be fun! Good stuff, look'n forward to watching more.

Bill Trussell said...

Looking forward to the power point presentation, concerning those stream, brook trout, and flies. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I am still in the early learning stages, thanks for the vote of confidence and the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I think this video stuff would be a piece of cake for you. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Hope to be back on the filming trail next with some big bluegills moving into the shallows to spawn. The underwater will have to wait a while. Thanks for the comment

penbayman said...

Will you be doing some underwater filming? Intentionally of course..

Bill Trussell said...

I am going to try some underwater later, which of course would be merely placing the camera underwater as I release the fish. To do that I will have to stop recording and dismount the camera from the helmet and start a new clip. Underwater works best if you have someone helping you film. Thanks for the comment