Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Ready for the Riverside Trout Fishing Derby

Ragin Cajun Big Trout Fishing Derby which will be held on the Sipsey Tailrace June 29th. 2013.  

Sign up today for the Big Trout Fishing Derby hosted by Riverside Fly Shop and KC Kayak of Baton Rouge, LA. Early Registration Entry fee is $25 and must be registered and paid by 5:00pm, June 23, 2013. Registration after that time will be $35.00. Derby Entry Fee includes lunch. Prizes include a KC Kayak, guided fishing trips (one in the salt, one on the Sipsey), Mystic Fly Rods, cash, food, plus draw prizes. See the Derby Rules and Regulations for complete details. There is also a BIG FISH pot you may participate in for the largest fish in the pot. Donations and proceeds support our Big Trout project.

Thursday was the practice day for my fishing partner Charles and me to fish the Sipsey Tailrace before the actual Trout Fishing Derby on Saturday.  I was told yesterday by Randy the owner of Riverside Fly Shop that there will be a big turnout for the event. Randy has done an outstanding job of organizing and promoting the Derby. Aside from the prizes and the fishing, there will be some great eats such as the New Orleans style combo which will be served for lunch.

Charles and I assumed we will have plenty of company today with other fly fisherman getting in some practice time too. We left the house at 5 AM hoping we would be first on some of the runs and pockets we normally fish.

As it turned out we were alone as we suited up and made our way to the first access 5 point. Walking from the top banks of the tailrace down to the waters edge we could feel the change in the humidity and temperature. It was like stepping into an air conditioned room, only this room had some rainbow trout awaiting some dries and nymphs to inhale.

I had decided before we left the house that I was going to fish a nymph the entire morning and skip the dry action. I felt I could land a much better trout if I use a nymph as opposed to a dry.
Charles and I managed to land a couple of nice rainbows before the generation took over and ran us off the water. This trout was my contribution, which was taken on a Prince Nymph.  Charles landed his trout the same size on a Mayfly pattern. There was very little dry action, so that is what convinced me to go with the nymph.
We could have fished this stretch if the generation schedule had been in line with their predication for the morning. The schedule showed no generation until 1 PM. That all changed at 8:30 AM when huge waves of water came rushing down the tailrace at break neck speed. With flows that fast it wouldn’t be safe in a canoe or kayak. Charles and I agree that the one trout each was enough to make the morning, and get both of us primed for Saturday’s Derby.
Sorry for the limited images but my camera wasted both batteries right after the fast stream shot. I hate I didn’t get an image of Charles’s trout. I will have new batteries in place and be ready for the day Saturday.


  1. Bill, good luck with the derby. That sounds like a bit of a fun time to me.

  2. Bill,

    Good luck with the Derby. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Just wishing you a day full of happy hookups, Bill!

  4. Sorry about the high water.
    Good luck on the derby.

  5. Howard
    I am really looking forward to a great day. thanks for the comment

  6. Mel
    The hookups may be limited, because of all the fishermen on the water--all for a good cause regardless. thanks for the comment

  7. Alan
    I hope the generation schedule stays on course--the generators are suppose to be off for the derby. thanks for the comment