Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adding to my Total in my Quest to Reach 100 Bull Bluegill

Monday was my second fishing trip in my quest to reach the 100 mark for Bull Bluegill. For those of you who are not familiar with my challenge; which is to land 100 super bull bluegill in the spawning period of 6 weeks.  For this trip I decided to rig something a little different. I started with a foam popper in size 6 because I wanted something to land softly and at the same time attract attention on the glass smooth water at 8 AM. First cast of the morning produce a nice bass in the backwater of the launch nook. I knew I only had about an hour before the wind that this lake is famous for got up and would force me into the backs of the small nooks. The foam worked to perfection early landing a couple of huge gills and some smaller females before the wind and sunlight took over. After the wind got up I moved to the back of nooks with what else but the Black Gnat tied on my 4 wt. I continued to land gills some were not the size I was after but still fun on the 4 wt.  After about an hour of fighting wind from every direction; I found a nook with some shade and less wind that I could actually fish with the cork popper. I moved up and down this bank which was about 75 ft. long with depths of 5 to 8 ft. I landed some of the best gills of the day on this one bank. The water temp here was between 68 and 70, which is still too cool for the spawn. The magic number for the spawn is 75 and at the rate the weather is warming here, it won’t be long before these fish are on the beds. The light chartruse black leg bug popper seemed to irritate the big boys and they would just annihilate the fly every time it got near. This type action is what makes me keep coming back for more; when they are this aggressive it is heart throbbing. I thought at times they would actually break my 9 ft.  3wt. Streamflex. It really got a work out on this trip. I was there about 3 hours and the action was continuous with bass, females and bull bluegills inhaling the poppers and wet flies. Fly Fishing trips like today is what makes bluegill fishing a blast for me!!
First of the day on the first cast of the day, notice how glass smooth the water was
This big boy killed the cork popper. I have found that black leg poppers work better this time of the year other than white or chartruse. It may a spider thing??
Another counter on the Black Gnat. I know you guys have heard me say this before, but this one fly has to be the BEST wet fly I have ever fished for bluegill with. It seems to work when nothing else will get their attention. The sick part about this fly is the company that tied them went out of business. I may be asking some of you guys to make me some copies when I go through these.
This big bull inhaled the foam popper early in the day
Last bass of the day, he went airborne a couple of times before finally swimming up next to the boat. I landed 6 bass before the day was over---always a lot of fun on the fly rod
The leaves are coming out and spring is here in Walker County
The best of the best --10 more to add to the total which is now at 13 ---I am 87 away--when these big boys turn side ways in the water it makes for a tough fight on the 3 or 4 wt. I ended the day with 16 bluegill and 6 bass. The bass I gave to some of the fishermen sitting on the banks.


  1. Nice read Bill , I have just started fishing with the fly in the UK, I have lure fished for the last 12 months and I am totally hooked on this style of fishing.
    Now I am broadening my approach after our UK predetory and coarse species to include the fly, as I think this is the ultimate in ultralight presentation, and a very active form of angling. I am hopig to pick up plenty of tips from your blogging, Be lucky!detl rywhent

  2. Nice group of gills. Can't wait for the water to warm.


  3. Dangler
    If you get started with the fly rod it will make you forget about the spin cast and spinning reels. It can be addictive. Thanks for the comment

  4. Mark
    I am looking forward to some warm water reports from you soon. Thanks for the comment

  5. Your well on your way to fulfill your quest.
    The bass are a nice plus.

  6. Brk
    It is going to take some good flies, weather, and of course the angler to hit the 100 mark. Thanks for the comment

  7. Very nice post about your challenge. Love Bluegills.rodusit comst

  8. Howard
    I hope the weather will cooperate this year as oppose to last year's tornados. Thanks for the comment

  9. Great outing Bill! Glad to see your back in action! I bet the gills are a fun fight on the light weight fly set-up. At the rate you are going, you should hit your goal in no time.

  10. Looks like you're off to a solid start on stocking the freezer. I'm in B'ham now so maybe we can get together soon.

  11. Jay
    My wife and I will be gone next week, but he next week will work--first week in April. Thanks for the comment

  12. Brain
    This year I am using the 3 wt with the poppers and the action on this rod is amazing. You get the ultimate fight with the 3 wt. Thanks for the commnet