Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Finally a Day on the Sipsey

No heavy rains and generators running allowed me to spend some time today FISHING FOR RAINBOW TROUT on the Sipsey! I was fishing with my trusted Streamflex 9 ft. 3 wt. which is my standard fly rod when I fish here. 
I got on the water around 9 and was surprised  I was all along. In fact, I didn't see another fisherman until 10 o'clock. I made the most of that hour fishing three of my favorite holes and landing a trout in each hole. 
The two methods that got the attention of the trout today were dead drifting a nymph and the trusted dry/dropper.
The best of the morning fishing my favorite hole on the Sipsey. The hole this trout was taken from never disappoints me. Of course, the key is getting to fish it before anyone else has a chance to either hook the trout or land it. That should tell you how pressured this tailrace is!
Numerous trout this size is the main reason I fish the tailrace with a 3 wt. This trout can put a bend in a 3 wt. which in turn helps you get prepared for the bigger fish that swims in the waters here.  I am so fortunate to live 20 minutes from the only place in Alabama where one can fish for trout!


  1. Alabama trout, has a nice ring to it. All thanks to a man-made dam. Good to see your trout season has kicked off! Justin

  2. Glad you had a good time on the Sipsey, Bill. There's nothing like quality time outdoors!

  3. Hi bill. Some nice healthy looking Rainbows. Good fun on a 3wt. Glad you could get out.

  4. Justin
    It took me a little while to get my skill-set back fishing for trout, but once I landed the first one I was good to land a few for the morning outing.
    Thanks for the comment

  5. Walt
    I hope to be back on the Sip next week after the stocking this Thursday---thanks for the comment

  6. Mark
    Hopefully this the beginning of more trips now that the generating has slowed down-----thanks for the comment

  7. Good looking trout. Looks like a fun time!

  8. Al
    I will be back in a couple of weeks. They stocked the tailrace today with 1000 rainbow 10 to 14 inches. Thanks for the comment