Sunday, September 19, 2021

Blogger is Changing

I found out a couple of days ago about some of the changes occurring with Blogger. I started using Blogger back in 2010 and have never used any other means to publish my post. Yesterday was a shocker for me when I found out that I couldn't delete some of the blogs I follow that don't post anymore. If you go to the layout link in the dashboard and select the gadget "Blogs That I Follow" you will notice that it has changed. This new version only allows you to follow ten blogs. If you try to add more than 10 blogs none will display on your feature blog page. The following links will not work anymore from this gadget. The Snippet of most recent item, Thumbnail of most recent item and Date of the last update. The only way for me to see if you guys have submitted a new post is to click on your blog title to see you have submitted a new post. If you are using WordPress or some other blogger support service, those blogs will show the broken links I have mentioned above. With Blogger I don't have that option anymore. 

My wife told me this might be a blessing in that I don't follow as many bloggers as I use to. The 10 I selected to follow is about all that I communicate with these days. Still, these little changes that keep occurring with Blogger are annoying. It makes me wonder just how long Blogger will be around for those of us who use it as a means to share our posts.  

I was on the Blogger Forum yesterday communicating with bloggers who are having some of the same problems I am experiencing. A lot of the individuals were experiencing other issues. I am sharing a link that helps explains some of the changes occurring-----Blogger Hints


  1. Bill these little pains in the a** have been ongoing since Google took it over.
    I to have a limited amount of site I visit, thankfully they are still active.

  2. Alan
    My patience is wearing thin dealing with links on Blogger not functioning. Thanks for the comment

  3. This may be an unfortunate trend with blogging in general. My decade of experience with WordPress is showing signs of increased frustration at my end. It seems that unless you're willing to pay for premium formats, blogging is becoming less & less user friendly. Thanks for the heads-up, Bill, and good luck with it all.

  4. Walt
    It seems ever since Google secured control of Boggler there have been constant problems with blog links. I am in agreement with numerous bloggers who agree that Google is trying to phase out free blogging. I would hate to see that happen. Thanks for your comment