Thursday, September 23, 2021


 A Keepsake can be defined according to Webster's and Google as something kept in memory of the person who owned it or something kept as a memento. All of us have items in our possession that would qualify as a keepsake or mementos. The older and longer an individual keeps the memento items the more valuable they seem to become to that person or persons. 

So you guys ask, where did this post originate from? As I was stringing my three fly rods for one of my early morning fishing trips the other afternoon, I couldn't help but admire the three flyrods/reel combos I had chosen for the early morning outing. It has taken me years to assemble the seven combos I own and all have special meaning. I can recall some of the fish I've brought to hand using each one.  All seven of my combos have met my needs for fly fishing and I will continue to do so for the rest of my fishing. This may be a bold statement, but I will never purchase any more fly rods or reels for the rest of my fishing days. All are considered special in my mind, but the one that really stands out is the combo given as my retirement gift 15 years ago. I have mentioned this fly-fishing combo numerous times on this blog. I am referring to my special Streamflex 9 ft. 3 wt. paired with my Orvis 3 wt. fly reel.

This combo is truly a Keepsake that I treasure and I hope it will stay in the family for many years.

Another Keepsake I treasure is the bone-handle Case hunting knife that my Dad purchased over 50 years ago. He never used the knife because he didn't want to damage it. Dad was a Case pocket knife guy and owned quite a few in his lifetime. My Mom gave the knife to me over 25 years ago. The sheath has seen some wear over the years but will still holster the blade and protect the handle.
Two written texts that I am glad I took the time to assemble are my  Ancestry research and my blog to book. Both have special meaning and will be shared with family members over the years.
All of you know what a big western fan I am and anything to do with the wild west interests me. Ten years ago,  my son gave me a solid bronze 8 lb. statue of a Sioux warrior in full battle dress. It sits proudly in our den and one day will sit in Jason's den.

Three years ago, I decided to give Jason a Christmas gift that he would keep for the rest of his days. His interest in fly fishing got me thinking about some unique streamers framed under glass. This is where my blogging buddy Alan at  Small Stream Reflections entered the picture. I wanted him to tie 15 streamers utilizing as many colors as possible in the streamer patterns.  Jason and I were amazed at the detailed work he did creating each streamer pattern. He is truly a master at the tying vice! This streamer picture is what one would consider a keepsake that will stay in the family for years to come. It has been hanging on Jason's bedroom wall at our house for the past three years. It will find a new home in Jason's house in Noverber, which is when his house will be ready to move in.  
All these Keepsakes or Mementos will hopefully stay in our families for many generations. I know all of you guys have mementos or keepsakes you value. What would you consider the top three or four items you would want to keep in your family?


  1. A lovely post, Bill. I enjoyed reading about your items and their meaning to you. I thought about your question. I don't think I own any physical items of sentimental value. I value my experiences and memories though, which is why I like to keep a written record of them. Cheers, Justin.

  2. Justin
    I guess you could say I'm a sentimental soul. I do hope a few of these items mentioned in the post will remain in our family for years to come. Thanks for the comment

  3. I also have some treasured items that bring up memories of family and experiences. Someday someone might appreciate them and others might wonder why I kept this stuff.

  4. Air
    I sometimes wonder if the younger generation cares as much about preserving and keeping things as much as us Baby Boomers? Thanks for the comment

  5. Walt
    Who knows all these items I've mention here in this post may act as a Kindred Spirit one day for my Grandchildren! Thanks for the comment