Monday, April 6, 2020

Confinement,How 's it Working for You?

Fishing has been light for me this year mainly because of the virus and the restrictions that go along with it. It has affected everyone's lives in one way or another. I have managed to make a few trips to Walker lake close to home and land a few gills to keep in practice. 
This trip was back in March on a sunny afternoon trying to dodge all the other fishermen who were fishing the lake. Confinement can take a toll on individuals if they're cooped up in the house for long periods of time. It seems everyone here that never fished are fishing now or at least out and giving it a try. All the lakes are covered with people and most are ignoring the distance thing, not a good idea. 
Cathey and I live in a small retirement community where no one walks but us in the morning hours, so no mask needed. Alabama started a total lockdown Saturday at 5PM. No one should go out unless it is for essential items. We will abide by the rules, which is what most individuals in this country are doing. The more individuals who don't follow the rules and regulations will cause the nightmare to continue for who knows how long. The bottom line, this crisis will not end until there is a vaccine available sometime next year.    
In the meantime, Cathey and I will continue to keep ourselves occupied with projects around the house and hopefully, some fishing trips worked in the schedule. 
One of my projects has been building log cabin bluebird houses for us and the Grandchildren. A couple of bluebirds already occupy this house. 
Delivered both these bookcases to these little guys a couple of weeks ago before the lockdown occurred. Notice I said bookcases, they're using them for everything but a bookcase.
There's been talk of closing the public lakes and big reservoirs if the public here doesn't follow the guidelines better. I hope this doesn't happen because it would put a dent the rest of the fishing season for me and many others. Guys stay safe and know we will get through this!!  


  1. Thank you Bill for sharing. I am glad you were able to get out and get some fresh air and practice social distancing. What is your rubric for the “Big” bluegill to make the cut? I enjoy joining you on your fishing adventures. By the way, did you get my emails to you about your previous 2 post not showing up on the blog? Thank you much.


  2. Hi James
    Sorry to say I haven't landed any huge bluegill for this year simply because of the virus---to make the quest the bluegill needs to be 12 oz. and above. I used this rule when I was doing the quest, which I don't do anymore. I expect to land the big gills on Smith starting in May. No, I didn't get your email---try sending it again. I did notice that your comment showed up twice for this post, you may have clicked the link twice. Hope everything is going well for you and your family---stay safe--thanks for the comment

  3. Bill we are not under a mandatory stay at home order so we still get outside. We are mostly by ourselves. When we have to go to the store we practice the guidelines that are set.
    When I fish it's always alone.

    Take care.

  4. Alan
    Good to know you guys are staying safe----no more fishing at Walker County Lake it is closed until late fall. I hope to get on Smith the first week in May. We are pretty much locked in until the end of the month. Thanks for the comment