Friday, July 17, 2015

Fly Fishing Bargains Can Still be Found’s post recently concerning the ever increasing prices of fly fishing equipment got me doing a little research. There are still bargains out there for the fly fisherman who isn’t concerned about using the top of the line fly fishing equipment. I found out a long time ago when I was doing the bass fishing tournaments, that I could catch just as many fish with casting combos that cost half the price of the top of the line combos. Same thing wholes true for my fly fishing equipment. It’s hard to believe that our local Wal-Mart carries fly fishing supplies and fly fishing combos. They are not the top of the line products but their equipment and supplies will get the beginner started in fly fishing.

This assortment pack at Wal-Mart will cost you 15.00 bucks, just the forceps at Orvis  will run you 15.00 to 20.00
Quite a bargain at 5.00
Most of these nets will run you 80.00 and above at different fly fishing outlets
Courtland 8 ft. and 9 ft. 5/6 fly rods
Bargain Combos
Great Price on Teton Float Tube---75.00
The cheapest Chest Pack at Orvis is 75.00—this White River Pack at Bass Pro will cost you 25.00--I'v been using this pack for the past 3 years
Telescopic Walking Sticks at Wal-Mart will serve as a great walking staff when you’re on your favorite stream or tailrace. This is the walking stick I have been using for the past 3 years and it works just as well as the folding or telescopic version at Orvis which sells for 100,00. The Wal-Mart Stick sells for 10.00
Hope I’ve helped some of you guys out with your bargain bin shopping!!


Mark Kautz said...

On top of that, Walmart is open more hours than your local fly shop. You can always pick up something you need on the way to your "secret" spot.

looknfishy said...

Really great information. I don't spend much $$ on gear, I like to save if for trips which create memories. there an alternative to fuel? That's my high cost item.

Lester Kish said...

Like you suggest, my wife uses a walking stick for wading. I shelled out the bucks for a Folstaf wading staff. Most importantly, the walking sticks are indispensable when hiking or traversing mountain country. Handy, when a stick can do double duty for walking and wading. said...

I'd rather support small businesses like fly shops which have higher quality items, generally speaking,but your point is well made. Wal-Mart has convenience, and sometimes its prices trump all else.

Bill Trussell said...

Sometimes a little too convenient---thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I read the other day that gas prices will hit an all time low before fall, every penny counts. thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I like the cover shield on the bottom of the stick which at times keeps the stick from marring up in the bottom of the stream. I never go on any stream now without my wading stick or walking stick--thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I support our local fly shop here when I can, because most of the time they carry other items that Wal-Mart doesn't carry. Thanks for the comment

cofisher said...

I've got no pride. I'll buy what I want where I long as it's affordable to my budget. (As determined by Mrs. Windknots) All but one of my reels and all but 2 of my rods were bought off ebay at bargain basement prices. I use Rio fly line because I've won a few spools, same with all my accessories. I wouldn't spend over $100 for a rod or reel any more than I'd lay down for another vasectomy. I'm glad to see the geezer brigade thinks alike.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill, for the link back to my post.

Thanks, also, for a great post that reminds those that want to try fly fishing that they need not be overwhelmed by fly shop costs. Supporting our local fly shops is a great idea when we can and need there abundance of selections.

Your Wal-mart review shows that it is affordable for most all folks who have a desire to learn the basics of fly fishing. Then each individual can decide if they want to put more into their individual budgets for better gear and quality at fly shop prices.

I sure hope that my post did not influence any readers to not take up fly fishing for that was not my intent. Just a personal decision I made for what I want to do.

Bill Trussell said...

All of us who are on fixed income and of course those who are not have to watch our budget in todays economy. Ebay is a great place to find fishing bargains. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I am a big supporter of the local fly shop, but at times the small accessory items that we use in fishing can be found so much cheaper in larger outlets. I started fly fishing with a entry level fly rod combo and worked my way up to lighter tackle which cost more but was within my budget.
Your recent post is a perfect read for someone who might be thinking about getting into the sport, and realize they don't have to spend a ton of money to get outfitted. Thanks for sharing the post with all of us who are on a fixed income and those who will be there soon.

Brk Trt said...

Bill I am in agreement with Walt, always try to support your local fly shop, most time they will have what you want and if you are a good talker a bargain can be had.

Shop with a sharp eye.

Feather Chucker said...

I like Walmart as much as the next guy but those Cortland Fly rods are crap. They also are labeled wrong or at least they are misleading. A guy brought one to a beginning fly casting clinic my club had. The rod was labeled a 5wt and the blank was thicker than my 8WT! The handle was foam and the whole thing just felt cheap. I'd say if you have to go cheap and have to go with Walmart just get the Eagle Claw Featherlight. Although I don't endorse doing that. I'd suggest keeping an eye on Cabala's deals and going with that then anything from wally world. has some great deals too. You can get a Akuma or Redington combo for under $120.

Feather Chucker said...

I've become a BassPro fan too. 3 of their white river leaders cost about the same as one Orvis leader. They work just as well too.

Bill Trussell said...

White River carries some quality fly fishing products; the vest pack is nice. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

One of my fly fishing buddies who is 80 and on a fixed income fishes with the 5/6 Courtland fly rod; not the cheapest brand with the foam handle, but the one with the cork handle. He said the other day that it has become a little too heavy for him so he is getting a Redington 6 wt. which is much better and lighter.
Some individuals really don't care what type fly rod they are using especially those that are just getting into the sport and know very little about fly fishing. The only fly fishing equipment I use from Wal-Mart is the forceps, scissors and line stretcher. The rest of the products are worthless to me. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

My Boggle Bug poppers, indicators and leaders all come from our local fly shop; but for me there are times when I have to buy else where because of price. Thanks for the comment

CARF said...

Some great finds, Bill! I'm all for supporting the local, and not so local fly shops, but there are some things that you don't need to spend a fortune on, such as the wading/walking stick. Good to see someone suggest it, I've been eyeballing one of those for some time now, and wondered if anyone else had the same thought.

Bill Trussell said...

The walking stick works to perfection for me. I think you will like it. thanks for the comment