Sunday, June 7, 2015

Enjoying the Grandchildren This Past Week

Good times were had this past week with the grandchildren and our daughter. The zoo, pool activities and of course a trip to the lake for some live bait fishing was on the schedule. When my wife and I have the grandchildren to visit, everything is centered on them having a good time, which is the way it is supposed to be. Very little blogging, chores, and gym time were all put on the whole for four days. For all you guys who have grandchildren, just remember they are only little once, enjoy every minute you are given to enjoy them.

Bryson reeling in the largest sunfish I’ve ever seen landed from Smith Lake
One proud little Man!!
Bryson had a time landing this catfish using the microlight; 4lb test line, strip drag a few times, which really got him pumped.
Look out boaters Bryson is on the water; got to add a little learning to drive the boat into this trip
It won’t be long before Laelyn will be making some fishing trips with Pops. She didn’t like getting left behind on this trip; both found out that frozen fish are easier to handle than live ones.
Jenny and Bryson doubled out with two nice gills. Glad Jenny got to go with me again; I can remember taking her on numerous fishing trips when she was little.


  1. Hi, Bill. What a great post! You and I both cherish our time with our grandchildren, and, you certainly are a great role model for all of us Grandpa's to look up too! Big Sunfish and Catfish make for some good fun!

    By the way, I could not find your email address when I was looking for it the other day. So, I will just let you know here on this comment.

    I have moved my blog back to blogger and re-named it again........... Sorry for all the movement. I am confident this is my last cast as far as blogging goes and sure enjoy all your support. Would you please consider changing my link again? I am writing more about Microlight spin fishing and less fly fishing. Here is the link Hope to see you there!

  2. Geez Bill, will you be my grandpa? Those little ones are adorable and look like they love spending time with grandpa.

  3. Bill you are a lucky man. I remember days as such with my two grand kids. They grow fast.

  4. Those wee folk have a grandpa who can teach them the wonders of fishing and of nature. What a blessing!

  5. Mel
    I know you can relate to fishing trips with the grandchildren, really special. Thanks for the comment

  6. Howard
    Sorry I'm Pops out with these three grandchildren. Cash will be 1 on the 12th. of July so I've got to get him ready for the fishing pole. Thanks for the comment

  7. Alan
    Yes they grow up fast; I'm afraid they won't have as much time for Pops when they get into the teen years. Thanks for the comment

  8. Walt
    My wife and I are truly blessed! Thanks for the comment

  9. Kevin
    You got that right, it just doesn't get any better!! Thanks for the comment

  10. Hi Bill, looks like it's as warm in Alabama as it is here in Montana. I suppose those kids would be as interested in taking a dip as in fishing!

  11. Lester
    The weather here is slowing getting hotter and the humidity is getting worse. I hate this time of the year in Alabama. All fishing has to be none early in the morning. Thanks for the comment