Wednesday, May 6, 2015

-Smith Lake Caves

Smith Lake is one of those lakes in the south that treats all anglers to some fantastic fishing. It also possesses some of the most beautiful scenery along its banks in the Deep South. I always enjoy viewing all of the Mountain Laurels that line the banks of the lake in the spring. Behind all the greenery, Laurels, and awesome rock formations are numerous caves that could have been used during the Civil War. Some are big enough to store supplies and even provide human shelter for an extended period of time. One of the best times to explore these dwellings is in the dead of the winter when the snakes and other varmints are in cold storage.
A little climbing required to approach this cave entrance
Foliage concealment
Another cave in the same area, an exploring trip is in order for winter.
A lot of the banks are decorated with the Mountain Laurel this time of year
The crystal clear waters of the lake yield some of the best spotted bass fishing in the south. This spotted bass was taken Tuesday morning on the dreaded Boogle Bug popper. The fight was intense while the fish made numerous runs to break free of the 3X tippet. One only has to land just one of these fighters on the fly rod to make a daylight morning trip. The very best time to land quality spotted bass and largemouth bass fishing surface lures or poppers on this lake is daylight right before the sun breaks the horizon.  Another spotted bass this morning would fall prey to the deadly popper before the sun turns the bite off.


  1. That's a beautiful spot and the lake ain't bad either. Throwing poppers and frogs for bass is as good as it gets. Very nice!

  2. Nice, I think exploring is ingrained in most fisherman.

  3. An attractive lake for bass fishing and just relaxing. It'll be a month before the laurel blossoms around here, but it's always nice when it does. And the caves are cool, I love to poke around in them when the weather's right. Thanks!

  4. Drew
    I will take the Boogle popper over the top water lures any day. thanks for the comment

  5. Kevin
    I hope to make a trip to the caves this winter. thanks for the comment

  6. Walt
    The laurels line many of the banks of the lake

  7. Mountain Laurel in bloom is one of natures finest shows. I agree on visiting cave in colder times, I do not like snakes.

  8. That is a really pretty area. Let us know how the caving goes Bill. That really interests me.

  9. Boogle Bugs and Bass.... Great
    Scenery and Caves to explore..Cool
    Snakes...No, No, No!

    Bill, remind me of where you purchase your Boogle Bugs.

  10. That lake is gorgeous! cool looking caves and some great bass!

  11. Alan
    I agree the scenery is spectacular. Thanks for the comment

  12. Howard
    I will make a trip in the winter time. Thanks for the comment

  13. Mel
    The Boogele Bug has to be the best popper I have ever used. This is the link to order some----

    thanks for the comment

  14. Juan
    Best spot fishing in the state, and the scenery isn't bad. Thanks for the comment

  15. Well, I will have you know that I finally got in some lake fishing. I'm not one to catch fish well at lakes. So, I was ecstatic when the first one bit the hook! One thing I like better than rivers is that the fish is easier to bring in... Lol.