Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Realistic Craw From Pat at SUPER FLY

I recently order some Crawfish flies from Pat at Super Fly. I got them in the other day and have not have a chance to use them as of yet, but I will be on the water with them next week. This week will be taken up with a crappie fishing trip to Mississippi. I have order these Craws from Pat before and was really impressed with the number of bass I landed with them. These Craws are especially good in the late fall and early spring on Smith when going after the bass and spots. These are some of the most realistic Craws I have fished and of course they are tied by the best fly tying Guy in the US. Pat’s work is phenomenal I have never seen flies tied with the precision and care he takes to turn out these masterpieces, and to me that is what his work is. I can’t wait to get out on the water next week and give the Craws a try. Thanks Pat for sharing your work with the entire fly fishing
These really look like the real thing!!!
Super Realistic
Another unbelievable tie
Another awesome color pattern
Awesome Streamer


  1. They really are super impressive. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your next few trips.

  2. Blake
    The Craws are killers right now when the water starts to cool off.

  3. Thanks Bill....I hope they work some fall magic for you...

  4. John
    The Craws are trememdous on a clear lake like I fish. I will be putting some of those to good use come fall---thanks for the comment

  5. Pat
    I hope I can lose some, which will tell me that the really big boys are after them. Thanks for putting them out on the web.