Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making the Case for a Wading Staff

As I looked out across the misty covered waters of the Sipsey Fork River Saturday morning with my son-in-law, something told me it was going to be a good outing.  I was right because my son-in-law had landed 6 rainbows in the first hour. I had landed one nice bow on the 3 wt. Why was I trailing, well my son-in-law was standing in front of a honey hole where the trout was feeding in a run on what we call tiny gnats, that was floating leisurely by. The ticket was the number 16 gnat, which I had success on the past week. So I would say the morning was eventful to say the least, notice I used the word eventful, because it was for me. I experienced what I have read about when someone slips and losses their footing while wading. That happened to me about two hours into the trip and it ended the trip for my son-in-law and me after I made it to the bank. I learned a valuable lesson in that I will never wade in water again waist deep trying to keep my balance without a wading staff. I knew better to try the wade I did but I wanted to get to those trout rising on the far bank from me, and I paid dearly for it. After peeling off the waders I discovered I had as much as a quart of water in the foot sections of my waders. When you slip once and go down, there is always a possibility you go down again, and again, and that is exactly what happened to me. So with all that said, I am making the case for a wading staff in my hand the next time I am on the Sipsey.  
First one brought to the net for my son-in-law
Yet another bow on the 4wt, really glad B.T. had a great morning on the Sipsey
The only bow landed on the Padams, this was right before I took the dunk
Still a beautiful place to fish even with the fog


  1. I hope I didn't jinx you with my story last week...I think I'll be getting a wading staff also, just for instances like yours.

    Glad you made it out ok, good to know it wasn't worse.

    glad you got the one rainbow to show for it :-)

  2. Sanders
    No jinx here, just careless wading on my part. I am looking for a wading staff, and plan on having one by next week when I go back.

  3. buy hip boots, it wont allow you to get too deep in unsafe water!

  4. Blake
    Hip boots was what I considered when I purchased the waders. I know now after the fall that I want get in water waist deep anymore even with the wading staff.

  5. Why don't you just get an innertube? We have got to schedule our trip to Bear Creek soon.

  6. I never go in the water without my staff at my hip. Never.

  7. Why didn't I think of that, I could also use it for an indicator.

  8. Mike
    I got one ordered and it should be here by the middle of the week. I will be using it everytime I go. Thanks for the comment