Monday, April 25, 2011

Inching Closer to my 100 Bluegill Mark

I hope everyone is not getting bored with all these reports of my bluegill fishing trips. I have really got into this quest of mine, landing 100 super bull bluegills by the end of this month. Keep in mind here, I am only counting the big males. Today;s trip got me closer to my goal. I started out around and left the lake 3 hours later. I didn’t have to contend with the bad windy conditions I have been battling lately, which help me hit some of the areas that I have not been able to fish. Those areas today produced some big bluegills along with a couple of nice Shell Crackers. The big boys today all came on the Black Gnat and the rest were taken on the size 8 popper. The limit on this lake is 20 bluegills for the day and it is strictly enforced. This lake is well managed and the fish are some of the healthiest I have ever landed. The fight is awesome, and most of the time the fight is going away from the boat. I had the limit by and left for home. I only kept the big bulls which totaled out at 15. I did find out today that the Gnat works best with my 5 wt as opposed to my 4 wt. I can set the hook much better with the 5 wt, and I can also get the fly up out of the water much better with the added backbone of the 5 wt not to mention handling the big Shell Crackers I landed today. The 4 wt works great for all the surface flies I fish on the lake. I don’t have to tell you guys how much I am enjoying this little venture. After today’s outing my total is 85. We have bad weather tomorrow and Wednesday, so I only have Thursday or Friday to make my mark. Wish me luck!
One of the first of the day in--this fish came up 7 ft. to grab this popper, I was fishing a flat ranging from 7 to 8 ft. deep
When they take the fly this deep in their mouth, you know they mean to kill it. The orange popper has been the color for the past couple of trips.
Notcie the Black Gnat, this Shell Cracker was in water 6 ft. down. I was fishing the Gnat with a slow fall, all I had to do was watch the line, when it goes so does the fish
This is what he looked like after landed him
Today's catch which gets me to 85


  1. One good day, Bill, and you will have met your goal. Nothing better to do than go fishing with Big Bluegill coming to the plate!

  2. I hope the weather breaks for you. I wish you luck in the home stretch.

  3. Jay
    I know you know what it is like fishing after a front, that will be the case Thursday or Friday. Thanks for the comment

  4. Mel
    I know this lake is full of bluegill, and I think I will hit the mark if the weather cooperates. Funny thing I seldom ever land a bass on this lake using the fly rod. I have been told it is full of bass, but not a lot of takers on the fly. Thanks for the comment

  5. Those are some great looking fish, Bill! Sounds like you're going to surpass your goal - and a fun goal that is! Wonderful post!

  6. So close Bill. Congrats. Almost there. Who makes the popper you were fishing? You by chance?

  7. Awesome! Hopefully the weather cooperates, good luck!

  8. Sanders
    I may find out on Thursday if I hit reach the number. Bad weather may hurt my chances, because I will be fishing after a front. Thanks for the comment

  9. J & M
    I have Thursday or Friday to hit the mark. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on this lake for the bluegill. That is why 20 is the limit. I am the only one using a fly rod as of yet, so that is my ace in the hole. The popper that works best for me is the color orange, for some strange reason. I get more good hits with this color popper. The popper is a Bets Popper. I don't tie any of my flies or poppers, because I just don't have the time at this stage in my life. My week is full and weekends too. I fish at least 2 to 3 days a week, and in the gym the rest of the week. I may try some tying this winter. Thanks for the comment

  10. Thanks Chris
    Do I really need a motivator to fish, I think not. I just thought that this would be great way to test my skill as a fly fisherman. Since I started this venture I have noticed that my casting and placing of the fly has improved a lot. I have always been able to use the fly rod, but as for side casting, roll casting, or long shoot casting, I needed work. I have found that all of these casts have come into play while trying to reach this goal. Thanks for the comment