Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishing for Crappie After a Cold Front

Well I have been in Mississippi for the past couple of days fishing with my brother.  We were fishing Legion Lake for some of the spawning crappie. Thursday was slow because of a cold front that had passed through on Wednesday. The water temperature was showing between 59 and 62. Most all the crappie was caught in 5 to 6 feet depths. The lake was falling because of all the heavy rains which along with the cold front made it tough to land many nice fish. The hits were extremely light and soft. We were both using micro light 7 ½ ft. rods with 4 lb. test light. The lure for the day was a 1/16 oz. curly tail jig retrieved slowly with the tip of the hook baited with a white or chartreuse nibbet. The nibbet makes a difference on the slow days. The weather turned cooler as the afternoon approached and cause the bite to pretty much stop. As we were leaving the water I wanted to try the black gnat on the crappie using the fly rod. I landed a couple of nice black crappie with the gnat retrieving it slowly. This was my first crappie that I had ever caught on the fly. I know that those couple of crappie won’t be my last. This was not only a great fishing trip but as always a nice visit with my brother and his wife. As always the food was exceptional.
The Black Gnat also scored with those two large bullgills.  

The Black Gnat is quite possibly the best wet fly I have ever used. The slow drift and and fall make it deadly for trout, bluegills, bass and yes even crappie.


  1. Congrats on your first fly rod Crappie. I haven't caught very many. They've pretty much been accidental here and there when fishing for other species. I've never used the Black Gnat. I'll have to give one a try.

  2. Looks like a productive day Bill. I have never targeted crappie per se but I do tend to catch a few on the fly rod here and there. Well done.


  3. Bill, sure wish I had some spring Crappie to chase out my way in Eastern Idaho. Looks like fun, and, I know they are good eating.

  4. Hey, glad you had a good trip. I haven't spoken with dad yet, been in Memphis all week. I would have rather been on the lake with you guys. Take care.

  5. Jay
    Catching those crappie on the fly was as much fun as the big gills. I will be going back the last of this month and hope to land more on the gnat. Smith is still extremely high and not good for the fly as of yet. I think the last of this month or the fisrt part of May will be better---still looking forward to our fishing trip.

  6. Jeff
    Landing those crappie on the fly was worth the entire trip---can't wait to get back down there. Thanks for the comment

  7. Mark
    Glad you will get a chance to try out the gnat--land some for me. Thanks for the comment

  8. Trent
    I will going back the end of this month, to fish for the crappie and the big gills on the bed. I am really looking forward to our trip to Bear Creek in the summer---by the way I left you some awesome flies with your Dad.

  9. Mel
    When it comes to fresh water fish there is nothing like the crappie for a meal, fried or baked it is fantastic. Thanks for the comment.