Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Great Day of Bluegill Fishing With the Hoppers

Today was another great day on Walker County Lake. I fished for 5 hours and landed 35 to 40 bluegills. I threw back some of the smaller ones which quite frankly got to be a nuisance. The water temps today was 65 to 68 which made for some good top water action. I never use the 4 wt. today, but instead went with my 3 wt. which was a blast landing some of the big bull gills. I started the day with a small brown grasshopper from Bass Pro and ended the trip with a larger green grasshopper also from Bass Pro. Both of these flies are so realistic. They always land on the water with the body upright. A lot of the hopper patterns I have fished before landed upside down at times. These Bass Pro hoppers work to perfection. The fish were still in water five feet or better, and the water was clear enough for the fish to see the offering easy. Get ready for a number of posts in the bluegill category for at least the next 3 weeks. I hope these posts doesn't become boring, but my blog not only serves me as a communication tool, but it is my fishing log from year to year. It is really helpful to look back on a particular post and see what temps and time of the year the fish were reacting to different flies. My goal is to land and keep 120 gills filleted and put in the freezer for the season. This lake is the perfect lake to accomplish this task, because it is well managed and the fish are extremely healthy. The lake is fertilized throughout the summer and if one is planning on catching a limited of gills on this lake they had better stock up before the first of May. May is when the game and fish start the fertilize program and this turns me and a host of other fisherman off. The water turns a slim green and most of the fertilize floats on top of the water for some time. In other words I don’t like fishing English Pea soup.  I hope to be back on the water Friday, and do this all over again.  You know this could turn into a job I really like-----and better yet I willing do this without pay!!!!!
Not many images on the water, too caught up in the moment
This big Lab, had just taken a dip in the cool waters, he looks like he hasn't missed too many meals.
Working on filling the freezer, by the way this lake is stocked each year with 10,000 gills and the limit is 20 per day. As I stated it is well managed.


Shoreman said...

Hi Bill. Don't know how you package them, but the wife and I have one of those Foodsavers. Great for all kinds of food you want to freeze and keep without freezer burn.


riverwalker34 said...


smokinprice said...

Looks like another fine day Bill. Must be nice. It is raining here and still dropping below freezing at night. I cant wait until I can get out all the time.

Bill Trussell said...

I am looking forward to some of your post with those poppers you tie. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

You got that right!!!!
Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

My wife freezes all the fillets in water using plastic bags. When they are baked or fried they taste just like they were caught that day. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bill, if you need any help eating some of those 'gills you just give me a shout. I don't get much Bluegill fishing in until June in Eastern Idaho.


That is a way cool looking fish! I've never seen a bluegill...someday maybe! Good day for you!! <"(((><<

Bill Trussell said...

If I had my choice of fish, I would rather catch those trout you have out your way----so in the meantime I have these bluegills who put up a great fight on a 3 and 4 wt. All of you who live and fish out west have got the best in trout fishing. Thanks for comment