Sunday, October 17, 2010

You Can Never Learn Enough AboutTrout Fishing

I have been interested in learning how to read a stream Part ll better so I checked out the following videos and found them very helpful. I wanted to share this with you guys along with some other great videos on: what do trout eat, choosing the right weight rod, and choosing the right fly line. I learn some things here and I hope it will be helpful to you as well. Enjoy.


Coloradocasters said...

Great tips! Check out that stonefly in the first video! That’s a bug that eats like a meal. Thanks again.

Bill Trussell said...

How true about the stonefly it is so natural looking to the trout. Thanks for the comment.

Mark Kautz said...

Oh, I agree about the "You can never learn enough about trout fishing". I'm constantly crusiing the Internet for info. Thanks for the tips.


Bill Trussell said...

That is what makes this great sport such fun. Thanks for the comment

Blake said...

Fishing is never being an expert... and always being a student!