Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tailrace Trout Below Smith Lake Dam

Today I made the trip to the tailrace below the Smith Lake Dam. I encountered numbers of fly fishermen around most every bend. Some were landing trout and some was not having much luck. I managed to land one rainbow, which was a stocker in the range of 9 to 10” length. I was there about 30 minutes, and was not surprised the generator horn sounded, which means you need to make your way to the bank. You have 10 minutes to get out of the river and back to the bank, before the water level raises 6 to 7 ft. and this can happen in a matters of minutes. I was assuming I would have most of the morning to fish but it didn’t work out for me. Sorry to say I forgot my camera and didn’t have a chance to take a photo of the trout I landed.
  I discovered today that I need another fly rod to fish not only the tailrace but the lake above the dam. I am looking for something in a 3 or 4 wt, with the length being 8 ½ ft. I have a 5 wt. 8 ½ ft. Redington rod, but I feel I need something with a little less power for the size fish I catch below the dam and above the dam. I was using a 3 wt. 7 ½ ft. Temple Fork today and found at times I could have used a little more distance. I know I could get the distance I am looking for in a longer rod. There is a big difference in my 3 wt and my 5 wt, but I really don’t know how much difference there is in a 4 wt as opposed to a 3 wt. With all this said, I would like anyone out there to give me there opinion as to what rod I should purchase next. I don’t want to pay over 150.00. So if you have a suggestion just give me a comment.


Bigerrfish said...

alright!! I know how you look forward to the tailrace..

About rods... the scott A3 4wt is awesome and will last the rest of your life.. 299$ that what I run

under 150 check out the Ross Essince FS 4wt.. cant hardly break it and its hell for strong!!!

Buddy of mine loves TFO

Scott Spencer said...

Hey Bill! I meant to comment on here earlier after you posted on my blog a couple of months ago.

I use a 5wt also and I actually enjoy it on the Sipsey. If you are looking for another rod I would go with the 8' 6" TFO Finesse or the Echo. Either one in a 4 wt would be perfect.

Bill Trussell said...

I may go with the TFO----I have a TFO 3 wt 7 1/2 ft. and really like the action but not the distance on a lake setting.

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Spencer
Let me know when you come back to the Sispey and I will meet you there. I will be going to the Caney Friday, I will let you know what happens.