Monday, March 22, 2010

Strike Indicators What is Your Favorite and Why???

Well I am sitting inside today watching it rain in 40 degree weather. I have my fly fishing vest near and working on rearranging my flies in one of my fly boxes. I was looking at some of my strike indicators I have been using and was wondering which is actually the most effective? I know there are different types of indicators on the market but which one do you think is the most effective and why. I personally use the stick on foam, but lately I have become dissatisfied with its use, because it tends to slips when casting. I know you are not going to be doing a lot of false casting when fishing with an indicator but you at least want one that will stay in place on the line. Of course my very favorite is the dry fly as the indicator, but there are times when the dry is not the choice. It would be a lot of help to me and hopefully to others reading this post if I could get some  of your opinions on strike indicator, just as your opinions was a great help on my last post concerning fly fishing knots.


  1. I usually use a dry fly, but I recently tried out "Thingamabobbers" for the first time over the weekend and they seemed to work pretty well. I really don't have a point of reference since I haven't tried many different options.

  2. I am looking for a different indicator. I have tried the tiny float with the standard stick pin just like a bream bobber, but it stills moves on the line. Is the "Thingamabobber" tied into the line?

  3. The most effective..? If effective is, fish taking the fly, then the best indicator is none!

    If you can't, or the situation does not permit, no indicator.... Then the thingamabob is where its at. They come in different sizes so you can addjust to the water and to the weight of the rig you're fishing..

    In places that the fish are spookie (like tailwaters) I try hard, to go with none,, When I can't take it any more I build my own yarn indicator always in white. I use watershead treated yarn, a cocktail straw and a rubberband for braces ya know for teeth,, you can figure it out from there. If not I would be happy to break it down.

    Thingamabob VS yarn....
    Yarn is quiet not just reffering to noise either. It's verry adjustable in size, (snip).

    The Thingamabob. It comes alive and is ready for you as soon as it hits the water. If by chance a mistake is made and the indicator should get pulled under by the current it returns to the surface quicklike, alive, and awake.

    I don't bother with stick on cause it might as well be a dryfly at that Point. but thats all just my opinion....

  4. I agree the dry is the best all around indicator. I am really tired of using the foam stick on because of the movement on the line. I never heard of the Thingamabobber, a float right---do you have a link for it??

  5. This is all I could find but read the reviews and the local fly shop should have them for you.

  6. Much better than the stick on---Will give them a try. Thanks for the comments.