Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Knotless Leader by Scientific Angler

Well I am still on fly fishing knots. I don’t know if any of you know much about this leader without the knot tie, but I have found out that this knotless leader has merit. It is the L2 Re-Connect Leader by Scientific Angler. Brandon at the local fly shop got these in on Monday. I have just got back from the lake yesterday trying them out and the first thing I notice was greater casting distance. The reason is because of the lock indicator, which by the way serves as an indicator and floats high in the water. Another thing I like is the extremely large butt taper down to an extreme 4X, 5X, and 6 X tippets choices. I like the fact that I can tie on 3 or 4 of my standard flies at home instead of at the lake, which gives me more time for fishing. All the leader snap ends are color coded so you know exactly what weight leader you are using all the time. The leaders are 9 ft. long with a breaking point at 10 lbs. plus. The following illustration shows exactly how the system works.  
With L2L Reconnect, you can adapt to changing conditions quickly and easily which means less time fussing and more time fishing.
You can connect line to leader in seconds. And unlike knots, L2L Reconnect offers great fly fishing advantages:
Quickly change leaders, line tips, and flies
Keeps line floating higher
Casts easily and slides smoothly through guides
Pickups with less friction – doesn't grab surface
Doubles as a high-vis strike indicator
L2L Reconnect Leader ends are color coded so you always know what size leader you're using.
There are two organizers which holds 4 leaders with the flies you have already tied before you hit the water. The organizers are stored in one side of the fly box, which is by Scientific Angler -----while the other side holds a selection of your files.
So there you have it-----------what is your opinion---I have tried them and they do everything the ads say they do. It was good being out on the water, and catching a few small bream and spots using the keystone minnow with this leader. I will be using it again this week on our local lake to see how it works with some dries and nympns. Check back for a report on that outting.


  1. dude, dont use those knotless things 1- they break unless you glue it then it doesnt come apart which defeats the purpose 2- the bouyancy is hard to get used to 3- the bulk and 4- there a Scientific Angler joke!! I thought we talked about the Nail Knot and the loop to loop? the little organizer thing is cool but what does it save you? not room.... might save a knot.. we dont mind tying knots.......

  2. I wasn't aware of that interesting product. Looking forward to your future posts once you have some extended time with it on the water.

  3. I am not leaving my old faithful leader I tie myself, but I am willing to try anything new especially if it has to do with fly fishing.

  4. Hi Bigerrfish
    Trust me I am not leaveing my original leader--loop to loop but the leader was given to me by the fly shop, so I never turn down anything FREE--it did work well with the little minnow becasue I didn't have to use an indicator, I don't think it will work well with the nymphs and dries, on Tuesday, because of the connector. I will keep you posted.

  5. Hey Bigerrrrrrfish, That's just your OPINION! You obviously have never used the knotless leader. In my experience, the line breaks way quicker that the knotless leader fails. I have been using it for 2 years with no problems. PS: I think you guys would enjoy my fishing blog. Just click on my name.

  6. Thannks William K. for your comments on the knotless leader. I used the leader last week on our local lake bream fishing and found that it works well, even with poppers. I will check out your blog.