Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where has all the Young Fisher Kids Gone?????

I don’t know if you’ll have noticed or is it just me, but I am seeing fewer and fewer young people on the water fishing these days. I find this disturbing because so many of our kids are not outdoors enjoying nature but instead inside the house playing computer games and watching T.V. I wonder if the fishing industry is aware of this situation or just blind to the fact that their fishing customers will last forever. In recent years there have been clinics, bass tournaments, fishing rodeos, and other events used to try to stir the interest of the young, without much success. The fishing industry has to compete these days with all the technology the kids have at their fingertips. How do you compete with the far fetched video games, the outrageous T.V. programs, and of course computer games??? I must admit I don’t have the answer and I really don’t think anyone else does at this stage. I would like to hear what your opinion is on this subject. I have added some interesting links to attest to what I am talking about. A great article from Fish and Boat. Check out this link Fishing With Your Child which talks about hunting in decline as well as fishing among the young.


Bigerrfish said...

Hi there, I over heard you and midgeman talking,, how you wish to converse with guys like him..I feel the same way but see i am from the generation after you far as the young people fishing... if you were to walk along the river with me 10 years ago (im 28 now) you would have wittnessed the whole thing go down as i did... kids my age didnt even know when the local ponds were stocked. they were too burried in the games. Even if they did know about it..I already had all the bruters slid into the overflow and into the river.. at any rate,,,Your right the indusry is blind to the fact.. I was at a local flyshop the other day, it was a week-day, tough economic times yada yada.. I asked the owner how sales were,, he replied "retail is up 4%) I look out the window to see that im the only car in the lot and the only one at the shop..ok, i thought,, I had the river to myself the flyshop to myself and the parking lot, yet all the kids are on the game, most adults jobless,, dude dont care cause hes up 4%...Ah well Bill atleast there out of out way!!

Bigerrfish said...

interesting stuff! I'm following your blog check me out!

Bill Trussell said...

Glad to see you are following my blog. I am going to do more research into the fishing industry losing our youth to the present day technology. I will be posting more on this subject in upcoming post. I am a follower of your blog, because I probably will never get any closer to Colorado than your blog---man do I envy you---all of those fantastic trout streams you got out there---catch some for me.