Saturday, May 4, 2019

Fantastic Surface Fishing with Poppers

Spring fishing can be some of the best times to land some really quality fish. The fish are much more active this time of year with the water temps warming and the spawn occuring. Feeder fish such as small shad is the number one prey for the bass on a lot lakes this time of year. If one can mimic the tiny shad then you are in for some fantastic surface action for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass on most large bodies of water this time of year. Some of the favorite lures Bass fishermen used to get a hit is the rapala, fluke, or prop lures. Fly fishermen used a variety of patterns to imitate the shad as well, such as streamers, soft plastic shad patterns and poppers. If given a choice to fish with the bait casing gear or the fly fishing gear, I would choose the fly fishing method hands down. There's nothing like landing a quality bass using your favorite weighted fly rod. Well, let me restate the bluegill would have to be near the top as well.
I look forward every year for Spring to arrive knowing that I am in for my best fishing of the year. Jason and I got to experience the Spring fishing at it's best this past week. Jason was home for seven days and we spent four of those days fishing beautiful Smith Lake. Some good times were had landing countless bass and huge bull bluegills using the poppers at daylight and afternoons fishing Smith Lake! Jason was using his new IM10 fly rod which was a birthday present from me and his mom. The bass were killing the Glow After Dark Cream Boogle Bug Popper!! 
Another spotted bass taken on the cream Boogle Bug. There is something about the Boogle that gets the attention of bass. We were working the popper to mimic a wounded shad; it worked everyday we fish the Boogle! 
Early morning still a little cool on the lake until the sun starting peaking through the clouds. 
Afternoon didn't slow the bite down
All the bass taken during the days we fished were taken on top using either the solid black Booge Bug or the Cream Boogle when the shad were active. 
The big bulls were active as well using the Barr Nunn black and yellow poppers. The spawn will begin the last of this month. At times both of us thought we had bass on when landing these bluegills because of the tremendous fight they would put forth. I'm already looking forward to our next outing when Jason will return for more top water action in June!!


Brk Trt said...

When every photo shows a big smile on the anglers face you just know all is right.
Great work men.

Bill Trussell said...

You know you've having fun when you have a family member who loves the sport as much as you do. Jason will carry on the tradition. thanks for the comment

RalphsFlyBox said...

when you hit the bite, its amazing thing.

Bill Trussell said...

Had another great trip at the daylight yesterday, landed two super nice spots using the Glow After Dark Cream popper!! Thanks for the comment

Al R. said...

If there's something more fun than fishing poppers I don't know what it is -- well, except for maybe... you know. And bluegills? Do they put up a fight! Good stuff!

Bill Trussell said...

You think at times you have a spotted bass on when some of the huge bull gills nail your popper. The smacking sound the bluegill makes usually indicates a big bull nailed the popper. I will take the huge bluegills on the popper over the spotted bass, that's how much I love to fish and land them. Thanks for the comment