Friday, May 17, 2019

Cathey's Largert Bass and Bluegill Fishing Ryan Creek

I've been fishing a lot since March and most of it was alone on Walker Lake and the rest of the time was on Smith Lake with some of my buddies. A few trips to the tailrace were worked in when the generators were not running. Hopefully, most of the rains are gone and the tailrace will start to fish well in the coming months. 
One of my fishing buddies couldn't make the fishing trip we had planned for this past Tuesday so I started looking for a replacement. To my surprise my wife said she wanted to go, so we headed to Smith Lake for four or five hours of fishing. It turned out to be a special trip for both of us because it had been 25 years since she had been in the boat with me. She wanted to fish for the bluegill using live bait in the form of crickets. The only rule I had to follow was; she wasn't going to bait her hook, touch the fish or touch a crappie nibblet. In other words, I was her guide which was fine with. I was just glad to have her on board!
This largemouth put up quite a fight. I was really proud of how well Cathey handled this fish. She finally landed the fish using a 7 1/2 ft. Microlight with 4 lb. test line. We released the fish to fight another day. 
Hopefully, I can get her into fly fishing in the coming months. She has agreed to give fly fishing a try---really a special day for both of us, one that I will remember!! 


  1. You're a lucky man. I've tried to get my wife into fishing, but the closest I've come is she'll kayak. No interest in fishing what so ever.

  2. Bill what a great fishing you have there.
    This just maybe the start of a friendly rivalry.

    Well done Cathey!

  3. Mark
    The kayak is a start, you guys enjoy the ride--thanks for the comment

  4. Alan
    Could be, hope she will continue to go with me. I have to get her into fly fishing. Thanks for the comment

  5. Bill, This is really cool. To have a life-partner become a fishing-partner, too, suggests that life is good, indeed. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  6. Walt
    It took 25 years to get her back in the boat with me, and it was worth every fish she landed. She use to fish me a lot before our kids were born, but after the kids things got hectic. Thanks for the comment

  7. Awesome, my wife wants nothing to do with fishing.

  8. Kevin
    I am lucky; hopefully we can make a few more trips before the season is over. Thanks for the comment

  9. Some wonderful memories being made for both of you. Great post!

  10. Ralph
    We've got another trip planned in a couple of weeks. Will be giving you flies a try---thanks for the comment