Friday, November 17, 2023

Looking Forward to Spring

 The coming months are considered a slowdown in my fishing trips, especially on the lake. Lucky for me, I don't live in the frigid Northeast or out West. Hats off to any of you guys who brave the elements to wet a fly in the streams or rivers in that part of the country. Here, 30 degrees is considered super cold. So, I will occasionally visit the tailrace to land a few rainbows and keep abreast of the latest fly fishing news compliments of the internet.   

I have been following a couple, Torin and Paige Rouse, who are walking across America, all fifty states. Their travels are being done in loops, which will take two and a half years. Their first loop started in Chillicothe, Missouri their home state, traveling west into Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. They made their way into Alabama on Monday starting their next loop into Florida, then Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and farther northward. If you would like to join me as a follower of their website   Walking America Couple

This couple makes me wish I was young again! 

One of my recent trips to Smith Lake with my son, Jason, is still fresh in my memory. The trip occurred in June when the water temperature was 70 degrees. Jason landed this 12" plus spotted bass using his Streamflex 4 wt. 9ft. flyrod. The drag on his Gloomis fly reel engaged several times while landing the bass.  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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