Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Curly Tail Streamer

 A streamer is a streamer but I discovered a somewhat variation of this fly this past week. The following video really got my attention, because I was not familiar with this type of streamer. 

I could see this streamer getting the attention of Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, and of course rainbow and browns. This streamer is not listed on any of the fly shops I have visited!!
I would appreciate any info concerning this particular streamer.


  1. First time I've seen anything like it. Curly tail on a jig, but not a fly. Let us know what you find.

  2. Mark
    The guy who was fishing this streamer said he doesn't remember the man's name who gave him the streamer a couple of years ago. I follow Jon on his Utube channel and ask him a couple of weeks ago to post a video using a streamer and this was the streamer he choose Thanks for the comment

  3. I have seen it called the woolygrubber. google the name, there are fly shops that sell it. thanks for fun blog.

  4. Just looked the Woolygrubber up and found it on Discount Flies, will certainly get some to start the new season with on Smith and the tailrace below the dam ----thanks for the help in my search