Saturday, October 1, 2022

My Second Hobby

 Aside from fly fishing my second hobby is spending time with our grandchildren and watching them play Flag Football and Soccer. This past Sunday evening Cathey and I enjoyed watching our grandsons play a couple of games of Flag Football. Both Grandsons are the quarterbacks of their teams. The following videos show Cash and Bryson in action.

Bryson and Cash can recognize tight pass coverage, which in turn affords them the open field to pick up yardage. 
Guys I can't end this post without showing you what my daughter calls getting ready for bed pic of Hallie---she is really growing!


  1. Hi Bill. It's good to hear your grandchildren are participating in sports. Mine could never get their noses out of a video game. As for the little one, they grow like weeds, but then you already know that. Cute as ever.

  2. Grandkids are the best! The only things that I enjoy getting old for. I have been going to a few football games also this last month. The kids know that you are there and will always have that in their memories. You got to do it! I will back soon on the blogwave. Needed a little break. =)

  3. Mark
    All three grandchildren love sports, their parents limit their time on laptops and computers--none have iphones yet--thanks for the comment

  4. Emily
    Cathey and I spend a lot of time with the grandchildren. We are at our daughter's house now keeping baby Hallie so Jenny, B.T, and the kids can go on a short vacation for fall break. We should have Hallie spoiled by the time they get back---thanks for the comment

  5. Nice! Love the family updates. Keep them coming! Your second hobby is an admirable one!

  6. Michael
    Our Grandchildren is what keeps Cathey and I young---thanks for the comment