Monday, February 21, 2022

Remembering a Great Fly Fisherman and Friend

 I was surprised to hear of Alan's passing of "Small Streams Reflections"--my heart is broken to hear this because he was like a brother to me. I look forward every week to one of his inspiring posts concerning fly fishing, tasty meals, and colorful outdoor images. I felt he was the glue that held all of us bloggers together now, he's gone but not forgotten. 

I'm thankful I have numerous flies and streamers he tied for me and my son Jason. I did a post some months ago concerning the colorful streamers he tied for Jason's Christmas a couple of years ago. My condolences to his wife Jennette and children

This picture is hanging in Jason's house and will always whole special meaning for Jason and I


  1. You are so fortunate to have some of his flies! He definitely will be missed. He was the leader of the pack, I believe. A very talented guy.

  2. I never met Alan in person but knew him long enough to admire his passion for the small stream environment & its lovely wild trout. You are fortunate, indeed, to hold & cherish some of his well-tied flies & other mementoes.

  3. I found Alan's blog years ago after Small Stream Reflections was featured on a network morning news program. I've followed it since. Yes, he will be missed.

  4. It was a very nice blog. Sorry to hear he passed.