Monday, January 10, 2022

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As most of you know winter is not a season I look forward to. Why, because trout fishing is practically none existence on the Sipsey because generators run constantly. You guys that fish the native trout streams are so lucky. No generators to contend with, only a heavy rain that might cause the stream to rise some, but is back to normal flow in a day or two. How I wish I had that type of stream to fish here. So to satisfy my lack of trout fishing I watch Utube fly fishing videos. I have established quite a few contacts interacting with guys who post some great fly fishing videos. Not only are their videos entertaining but educational as well. The following videos are some of my favorites:

Drew Looknfishy---- Drew has a blog by the same name but never publishes posts anymore on his blog because he has quite a following on Utube now. His videos feature small stream fishing out west during the late spring and summer months. 

Hardman Fishing Adventures ------This is a young guy that makes all of us seniors wish we were young again and could balance walking logs across streams and hiking miles on some of the most beautiful trout streams in the northeast.

Jensenflyfishing -----Dave and Amelia are husband and wife who fish for huge trout in Canada and Ontario -----amazing how well they get along and work together to land some colorful brook, browns, and rainbow trout!

George Daniel ---- this guy knows more about Euro Nymphing than anyone I've watched on Utube. I hope I can get to use some of his Euro techniques on the Sipsey if I ever get to fish it again.  George does most of his fly fishing in Pennysaliva's native streams.

Old Dominion Trout Bum------Cory, lives in Virginia and fishes small streams and tailraces in six different states north of him all the way to Maine. He only fishes the Euro technique and is very good at it!

And last----Scotty's Gone Walkabout----This guy takes overnight camping to another level all over Australia. He is in the process of learning how to fly fish as he hikes through the mountain terrain of Australia. 

Most of these guys post a video at least once every two weeks.  


  1. Thanks Bill. I may have to check out some of these while still supporting the traditional literary post. I hope your winter season passes tranquilly.

  2. As good a way as any to get your fish-fix. Maybe there is a way to see if the generators are off for a day or so and you can get a quick drift in the Sipsey. We have such a website that tells the cfs release on the dam at Hazel Avenue.

  3. Hi Bill
    Thanks for the lincs.
    May I suggest

  4. Walt
    The blog post is still my favorite. I have a feeling most of the bloggers we started out with years ago have abandoned us for Utube and Instagram. It doesn't take a lot of effort to watch a video on Utube and Instagram as opposed to writing a post for a blog. Thanks for the comment

  5. Fisher
    I have the New Fly Fisher link----The guys associated with these links I've shared actually land more trout than some of the professional anglers on the New Fly Fisher-----thanks for the comment

  6. Mark
    I have the cfs amp on my phone and a shortcut on my laptop. I check it every day waiting for an opening to go. The engineers are trying to get Smith Lake ready for the tremendous amount of rain coming in the Spring. The normal lake level for Smith is 500 which is at full pool. The lake needs to drop at least 5 ft. below full pool. To accomplish that one and two generators must run to reach that goal. Factor in the rain every 3 to 4 days makes it even more difficult to reach the 495 level. So in the meantime, the fly fishermen must understand that all the generating is necessary to achieve that goal. Hard to accept, hopefully, there will be a day when I can make a trip work---thanks for the comment

  7. I only fished with generators once... Didn't like it! Haha. Thanks for the links to some other blogs. It's time for me to read a bit more. Have a great week!

  8. Bill thanks for the links. There are some quality sites out there.

  9. Alan
    The Hardman video link reminds me of why you love small stream fishing so much----in fact I compare Hardman to a young Alan fishing all those small streams you love to fish in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the comment

  10. Emily
    Watching fly fishing videos is a great way for me to pass the time when the fishing is slowed either by the bad weather or the generators on the tailrace. Thanks for the comment