Saturday, October 17, 2020

Enjoying the Grandchildren

Time spent with family is always a plus especially if there are Grandchildren involved, which was the case for Cathey and me last week. While there we got to watch our two Grandsons play some flag football for ages 6 through 11. This is the first year for our youngest Grandson to play and he has really developed into one of the team's fastest backs. The older Grandson has also hit his stride this year in becoming the quarterback for his team and somewhat a leader. To say Cathey and I are proud of both boys is an understatement. We're also just as proud of their younger sister who is playing soccer and has scored a number of goals since joining her team. Sorry to say we have only seen her during practice sessions but hope to see her in-game mode soon. I thought I would share a couple of videos of the boy's games from last week. We hope to have some video of Laelyn soon. 

Bryson at quarterback, trying to execute a swing pass to one of his receivers which were covered, so he turns the play into a touchdown run. This is the last year he will play flag football. In the spring he will start contact play. I've told him to get ready for a new level of football once another player can tackle you!! 
Cash number 25 makes a long run with a few stunt moves as he scores a touchdown on this run. At this age, the rules are somewhat lenient considering the age of 5 and 6 years old. Notice his stance facing the quarterback, which could be seen as a giveaway as to who will get the ball. I hope I didn't bore you guys letting Pop and Meme show off their Grandchildren!!


  1. Bill youth sports are so pure, they're refreshing to watch. And when it's family playing them it is so much better.

  2. Wow, that brought back memories of 7th and 8th grade flag football. 9th grade brought full contact football. We used the "spin". If you're spinning, the other guy can't get your flag. Fun, fun, fun.

  3. Mark
    It's a lot of fun watching the kids really get into the game, both boys are making a lot more progress this year versus last year. No spin move with the league they play in, just pulling the flag and you are down. Thanks for the comment

  4. Alan
    There are only a few games left, Cathey and I may not get to see the end of the season, which is the first of Novermber. We are glad we got to see them play a few games this year. Thanks the comment

  5. I have found the grandchildren phase of life to be the most fun. Maybe because there is less stress involved. You get to do the fun things with them and then send them back to the parents. Sports has always been a part of my kids lives and I hope that the passion gets handed down to my three grandsons. Hope things are well with you and you are staying safe!

  6. Hi Emily
    Cathey and I are staying close to home and the only visits we make are to see our daughter's family in Tennessee. We follow all the regulations related to mask-wearing. Let's hope this pandemic is over soon for all of us.
    As for the grandchildren we spend as much time with them as possible. It's a shame they have to grow up because they are so much fun when they are small. Hope everything is going well for you and your family and all are staying safe as well. Take care and thanks for the comment

  7. Hi Bill. You should teach your grandchildren a proper sport - rugby! Just kidding, from a Seahawks fan.

  8. Justin
    "Rugby", a foreign word in the hills of Tennessee-----the closet the kids will get to Rugby is my granddaughter playing soccer. Both grandsons love their flag football and both will probably be playing contact football soon. Thanks for the comment