Thursday, July 16, 2020

Seeing Spots

As most of you have noticed summer is upon us and is producing some unusual hot temps. Fishing takes a hit this time of year if you're on the water during the hottest time of the day. Daylight or late evenings are the preferred time to wet a hook or fly. During this time of the year, I'm on the water from daylight to 10 AM. The water temps warm to a point where the better fish go deep to find cool temps more to their liking. In order to get a reaction from a Spotted Bass or a quality size bluegill on Smith during the heat days, you need to fish a popper that makes noise. Enter the size 4, 6, and 8 size Boogle Bug popper. 
The Electric Blue Boogle is a go-to popper when fishing at daylight on Smith
This area is one of my favorite walls to fish on Smith. I can still see a Spotted Bass blowing up on my popper here. Getting the popper as close as possible to the rocks is a must. A 9ft. fly rod in a 5 or 6 weight will place the popper within striking distance of the wall. 
As the sun comes up it is important to look for shady banks. The shade will produce a few hits but daylight is the optimum time to land a really quality spot fishing the popper. This male spot was a challenge for my 6 wt.

I film this beauty as he swims off to fight another day!
Guys, it's hard to beat landing these awesome fighters using a 5 or 6 weight fly rod. This female was taken inches off the rock wall in the background. The huge bull gills go deep this time of the year, leaving the hand-size gills to keep things interesting using the 3 wt. but the prizes are the spots.


  1. Hi Bill, an enjoyable post. No bass here, but I used to catch them on flies in Swaziland. I remember how hard they fought hard, so I have an idea what you mean!

  2. Justin
    Pound for pound the Spotted Bass is truly a fighter on the level with the Smallmouth when it comes to a challenge on the fly rod. Thanks for the comment

  3. Bill without question those are some fine bass.
    We have been in a heat wave and I may be fishing some warm water fish.
    It would be nice to land a few bass similar to the size you caught.

  4. Alan
    I could see you landing a nice size bass or two using those light combos you fish those stream with. I hope to get back on the tailrace next week. Thanks for the comment

  5. Looks great fun. never caught a bass, hell ive never even seen one but still looks fun


  6. Hi Bill. Sorry I'm late on this one. 4 days ago I was in the mountains getting thunder, lightning, and rain pounded. A Bass that size would be fun on any fly rod. 4 days in the mountains and never got a line wet, but that's another story. Well done.

  7. Mark
    I assume the camper held up fine through all the rain pounding and lighting? Looking forward to a post concerning this trip. Thanks for the comment

  8. Becks
    Trust me if ever get a chance to fish for Spotted Bass or Smallmouth bass try it. You will think you hooked into one of those quality brown trout you fish for there.
    Thanks for commenting

  9. Some absolutely gorgeous fish. Those have to be a blast to catch.

  10. Michael
    I have to give credit to my new iPhone. Same phone as before but with a much better camera. The number of bull bluegills and spots this lake possesses is amazing, a never endless supply of fun fishing with the fly rod. Thanks for the comment