Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Rain, Ice and Disney World

Portions of Alabama is flooded with heavy rains that started last Saturday and continued through Thursday. A total of 10” of rain overflowed streams, rivers, and lakes. I've never seen Smith Lake this high and getting higher every day. Full pool in this lake is 510, it is now up 518 and will probably go higher before the week is out. We are expecting more rain starting Thursday and through Friday. In fact, the lake is closed at the dam where I launch most of the time. An Alabama Power employee told me yesterday that the lake will not open up again until the water recedes back to full pool. The tailrace below the dam is out for fishing as well because of the constant generation; I've really had it with the rain! My only choice to wet a fly was Walker Lake which was my destination for the afternoon. 
The lake was stained with all the heavy rains. I was fishing this same area two weeks ago with much clearer water. I knew it would be tough getting some hits today because the fish couldn't see the fly as well. So the objective was to give the popper a little more action to get a hit. I'm a firm believer in changing flies if I'm getting no takes; that was the case for the first 30 minutes.
The first bull gill which hit the white Barr Nunn popper; notice you don't see the popper because it is crammed in the gills throat. The white Barr Nunn popper was the popper that got the most attention for the rest of the afternoon. I was using my 2 wt and 3 wt 7 1/2 ft.  Redington rods, which matched the size bluegills I was catching. The bigger bluegills never showed up today.
What a difference in temps and weather, we experience in Orlando last week at Disney World. The temps were in the mid-'80s and high 80's all week we were there. The best part of the trip aside from spending time with all the family was NO RAIN!   


  1. All that rain must have been... wet, but that's a nice fish! And don't worry, the warmth will be here soon enough, and I have a feeling it'll be here in force.

  2. Bill looks like you have a lot of water issues. The reserve may pay dividends later.
    At least you are able to fish and catch some nice fish...a bend in the rod sure feels good.

  3. Here in NY it's been snow all the way so far, but rain or snow, we easterners sure have had our fill of late. That's the way to get out there, Bill, and finding decent water where available, with some fish, no less! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mark
    Summer can't arrived quicker enough for me---thanks for the comment

  5. Michael
    I will take the heat over this wet weather. I had a fair afternoon landing a lot undersize gills that keep me busy. Thanks for the comment

  6. Alan
    As I type we are getting belted with more rain, its got to end sometime!! Thanks for the comment

  7. Walt
    I'll admit I can deal with rain probably better than I can deal with the snow. I agree we've all had enough of this horrible weather.
    Glad I have one lake left to fish at the time---thanks for the comment