Monday, January 28, 2019

Practicing for Spring

The temp today was in the upper fifties so I decided to make a quite trip to Walker County Lake to land a few rainbows. I was fishing right before the temps were supposed to drop in the twenties overnight. In fact, we are supposed to get at least 3 inches of snow by noon tomorrow. Southern's go wild when they hear the word snow and crowd in the supermarkets to stock up on milk and bread. Hopefully, the snow will all be gone by Wednesday and we will back in the rain mode. In fact, I would much rather have the snow than the rain. The rain has slowed our house construction to a crawl, the inside will be finished before the outside. 
Healthy rainbow landed using the Flashback; no mending just making the long cast and a slow retrieve. I missed a few simply because I wasn't watching my line close enough. It seems fish always know when you're not paying attention, that's when they decide to hit. 
A peaceful couple of hours until the wind kicked up and the temps started to drop. I'm missing fishing the tailrace and its tight seams and pocket water. I'm afraid it's out for now because of all the rain and generation. In the meantime, I will stay in practice with the lake trout. 
I thought I would share the family photo during our Xmas stay in Tennessee. The little creek behind the willow tree has small fish in it for the kids to play with. 
Just wondering if any of you guys have used fly clips. I read a short description the other day detailing how handy they are when changing flies. This one in the image is a size 1 which will handle size 12 to 16 flies. I don't know how effective it would be when using dry flies. 


  1. Bill looks like your spring prep is coming along nicely.
    Bill how deep is that lake?
    Lovely family photo.

  2. Alan
    The lake is probably 15 ft. at its deepest. The caretaker told me yesterday the trout will make it through May before the water temps start to become to warm to keep them alive. Thanks for the comment

  3. Bill, the fly clip is bigger than some of the flies that I use, so it's a no go. I have however used tippet rings. They're pretty handy and seem to work ok, even when fishing dry flies.

    Do they sell snow shovels in Alabama?

  4. Hey Bill. I've used those clips on occasion, but prefer to tie flies on the line. You little lake is like many of the "ponds" they stock here in the winter. When it gets warm, the only thing left in the pond is Bluegill and small ones at that.

  5. Lester
    I want waste time and effort on the clip; I do use the tippet rings to connect my tippet to the leader, works good. Don't need a shovel at all here for the snow; the weatherman missed the forecast completely, no snow at all this morning. Thanks for the comment

  6. Mark
    Have you fished any of those ponds out there for trout? We will get temps next week in the sixties. I may try the lake for some super gills. The tippet ring is a winner for sure. Thanks for the comment

  7. Bill, a single fish can carry you for some time. The clips work well for streamers. Have used them in the past. Beautiful family. :)

  8. Bill
    Just being outdoors and soaking up the sun's rays is good enough for me at this time of the year. Looking forward to some great post from you come spring. Thanks for the comment

  9. Great family pic. I think it's time for me to put together another post myself. Haha.

  10. Emily
    Looking forward to some of your trips this year----I imagine the weather is brutal out there now. Thanks for the comment

  11. Glad you got out to practice. So true about fish hitting when you're not paying attention. I've never used fish clips.

  12. Hi Kevin
    I will keep using the clinch knot instead; hope you make it out soon to test the waters near you. Thanks for the comment