Friday, July 1, 2016

A Break From Blogging For Now

I can’t believe it has been 5 weeks since I wet a fly on the Sipsey. The bluegill quest has cut into my trout fishing time there. I had a couple of hours today to fish the lower section of the tailrace. This area has the big logs submerged and some nice pocket holes, where I landed my best trout ever back in May. Today was a complete reversal; where the water was very low, no hatch or surface activity at all, and fishing behind a cool spell. I went through the usual patterns that general work on those slow days on the Sipsey, all proved unproductive today. The trout were in the sipping mode, but not as aggressive as I have seen on some of my former trips. I lost a number of trout today and had only one to touch my hand, which slipped from my grip before I could get the image. Just being in the cold water and fishing the Sip today was enough to get my trout fix.
 My blogging buddy Mel, surprise me the other day with some nice looking flies that he tied up for me to use on future trips. Thanks, Mel I will put all too good use. I have started collecting different fly patterns and a couple of Mel’s flies will go in my collection.

Cathey and I were glad to sign a contract on our house Thursday. We will be moving the last of July or the first week in August to Spring Hill Tennessee. We will move in with our daughter and her family, and live upstairs for the months of August, September and October. Our house will be ready to move into the last week in October. No fishing from the boats, but a little fishing on the Caney will be my fishing fix while we live there. Very little blogging will be accomplished while we are in this transition, packing, moving, and adjusting to living with our daughter and her family. I will be checking on you guys from time to time and may do a post from when time permits on how things are going with me and the family. So guys keep wetting those flies for me until I get back on the circuit!!!!


cofisher said...

I'm so glad to hear you'll be back soon. Blogger has become shakier and shakier. It seems to hit blog lists and comments. Rumor has it that Blogger may be gone sooner rather than later.

Unknown said...

Flies look good, nice to see you blogging again.