Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ledasink Leader Sinkant

Rain, rain and more rain for the past couple of days has pushed the water level on Smith Lake up 5 feet. Trout fishing will be put on whole and crappie fishing will have to take its place if the weather cooperators for next week. In the meantime I will continue to do a few yard chores, gym time, blogging with you guys and watching fly fishing videos.

Some time ago I did a post that featured one of Jonathan Barnes videos, at that time I told you guys that I had become a huge fan of his fly fishing videos. I don’ want you all to think I am getting free fly fishing merchandise from his website for plugging his video's I am not. I just want to share his expertise in fly fishing with you, mainly because he conveys a lot of information in each segment. If you are interested in hearing background music in his videos you will probably have to look elsewhere. Nature and water sounds along with him adding his take about the segment his wife is what you will get.

I’m going to give the Ledasink leader sinkant a try that Jonathan was using in this segment to sink his tippet tip while fishing the CDC pattern; anything to improve one’s catch ratio is worth trying. Hope you enjoy In The Ring of The Fire
This video below shows how to fish pocket water where fish whole behind small boulders. The Sipsey and the Canery have this same cover as many of the waters you guys fish.
For much stronger video sound use earplugs  


  1. It's staying warm out so long you'd think it was Summer. Might have to try for some panfish.

  2. I really enjoyed the videos Bill. But there is something about his casting that drives me crazy.

  3. Mark
    Yes share some images of big west coast panfish this season, who knows you may start a bluegill quest. Thanks for the comment

  4. Howard
    He uses lots of false casting, mainly because he usually has coils of free line at his feet after those long drifts. I am really impressed with his method of fishing downstream. thanks for the comment

  5. Nice videos.
    Mr. Barnes ties some nice flies also. Soft-hackle dry flies "The Jingler"

  6. Alan
    I have noticed his flies at the waters edge, but not on his website. He gives out a lot of fishing information on each segmant; I have learned a lot about tailrace fishing watching his videos. Thanks for the comment