Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Daylight Fishing on Smith Lake

At 5:20 AM Thursday morning the boat was in the water and I was making my first cast on a submerged rock ledge right next to the launch. No need to start the big motor when some of the best topwater action is located right down the bank from where I launch the boat. Tuesday and Thursday are my main fishing days of the week and this Thursday morning I had the long bank to myself; why Tuesday and Thursday, Monday the lake or any lake is just getting over the weekend traffic, Wednesday has more individuals off work, and Friday can be classified as a long weekend day.  I can go on Tuesday and Thursday and see only a boat or two from daylight to 10 AM. I usually call it quits by 9:30 to 10 mainly because the bite has stopped and the humidity is getting thick.

I seldom fish this bank without landing some quality spots or largemouth using my favorite bass popper. I have landed some nice bluegill using the Boogle Bug as well. I had a couple of boomers on this trip and one was loosing my black Boogle Bug to a larger bluegill which got me tangle in a brush pile. I hated to lose the big gill, but I hated, even more, the loss of my $5.00 popper.
My first largemouth of the morning taken no more than 30 ft. from the launch.
This spot gets up early to eat breakfast!
This largemouth went airborne numerous times while trying to break free; the airborne thing can get the blood pumping!!!
The quality bass bite went cold after the sun peaked over the horizon, so it was time to break out the 3 weight and go after the bluegills.
I like to use dries on this lake and this morning the smaller spots were willing to nail the Wulff time after time. Amazing the fight this size fish can produce on a 3 weight. This is why I love fly fishing so much because the small fish can make a trip just as exciting as landing a large fish if one is using a lighter combo.
  Only one counter today, two other counters manage to break free—I don’t know how you guys feel about losing good fish, but if I have lose the fish that I work so hard to take my offering, then let me skip the fight!
One of my favorite areas on Ryan Creek, not only for the fish but for a large amount of muscadines this huge vine growing on the rock wall produces in the fall. Notice the rock bench someone built on top of the rock wall. A great place to soak up the beauty of this awesome lake!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bill, that must have been a lot of fun. Totally agree with the light line, jumping fish, and the thrill one gets when hooking some nice fish. As you have said, doesn't have to be big size to get total enjoyment out of your effort.

Always, like your posts from Smith Lake............
Dang, $5.00 Poppers, that just ain't fair when you lose one to some brush.

cofisher said...

Quality post as usual Bill. This one got my blood pumping. Thanks!

Bill Trussell said...

True, those $5.00 poppers are pricey!!! Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

My bluegill quest is about over for this season; could muster only one for the count on this trip. Thanks for the comment

Brk Trt said...

Those spotted bass are sure pretty.
To take them with a surface dry fly must be about as good as it gets.

Bill Trussell said...

All of the those smaller spots were 10 to 11" fish and really fun on the 3 wt. They would really nail that dry. Thanks for the comment