Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Advertising My Favoritte Fishing Products

I am sure that all of you who follow my blog I have notice from time to time that I mention products that I used when I am out on the water fishing. I do this not to receive something free from the company which I do at times; but simply because I am so impressed with the performance of the fly, fly rod, or any other fly fishing accessory that I may be using at the time. Most of these products are sold through small companies and a few through large companies. The larger companies have many more avenues to promote their products as oppose to the smaller companies. A lot of the smaller companies use referrals, product reviews or their own website to help move their products.

Over the years while writing post in my Fishing Through Life blog I have featured many fishing products which have brought me great success on the water. So today I thought I would once again give a shout out to some of my favorite fishing products I am using.

Flies and Poppers----Boogle Bug Popper---BreamBugs—FlyDeals—Ultra Light Lures—Roostertails, Tiny Crank Baits, Small Grubs and Tiny Rapalas

Fly Rods----Redington Fly Rods—Greys Streamflex Fly Rods—St Croix Fly Rods---Ultralight Fly Rods—Dawai Spinmatic Spin Cast Rods—Micro Lite Spinning Rods

Fly Reels & Ultra Light Reels---Redington Drift Fly Reels—Venture 3 Gloomis Fly Reels—Orivs Battenkill Fly Reels---and how could I forget my Pelican Boat.

It is good to be back on the blog circuit, after my wife and I spent some time in South Carolina, and in and out of Tennessee checking on our daughter, who is expecting their 3rd child. Somewhere near July 17th. my wife and I will become Grandparents again, which we are looking forward to.
By the way I can't wait to get back on the water Thursday!!!!!




Mel said...

Good Morning, Bill. As always, I look forward to your posts and updates whenever you have the time. I think it is refreshing when someone gives a shout out to a product just because they love it. They paid for it, they used it, and can give first hand reaction to what their experience is. Always appreciate when someone gives a blogger something to try out, but, it is more pure when it is from the heart and not the need to write something up because a product was donated.

Juan said...

Thats a great list, thanks for posting it. As a newer fly fisher, it really helps to have a list of products to research!

CARF said...

Welcome back! I always look forward to gear reviews. Not only does it provide information on the product, but it does also give some advertisement for the smaller not so known companies. I'm a fan of helping the smaller companies who make a great product. I love hearing about new small companies and what they have to offer. All of the gear I have reviewed has been bought using my own money. Nothing was ever donated to me.

Brk Trt said...

That's a pretty fine list Bill.
I am quite fond of a few products you have listed.

cofisher said...

As a fellow blogger and fisherman, I feel the same way you do Bill. I appreciate good products and great customer service. Thanks for including your list and nice to have you back.

Bill Trussell said...

Yes I am a firm believer in promoting fishing products that produce for me. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Some of these products mentioned in the post were from other bloggers suggestions. thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I love to promote smaller companies

Bill Trussell said...

I love to promote smaller companies

Bill Trussell said...

I always like to promote products from small companies. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Glad you are able to use some of the products I mentioned. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Glad to be back and hope to be on the water tomorrow. thanks for the comment

BrookfieldAngler said...

Hiya, Bill! Good to see you back in action!!Congrats on the new grandbaby

Bill Trussell said...

Thanks hope to be back on the water next Tuesday. Thanks for the comment